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People Are Sharing The Worst Things Their Partners Ever Said Or Did To Them

Many people have gone through relationships where someone treats them poorly. Sometimes, people say things to them that they absolutely cannot forget or ever let go.

It takes a lot of time to get past some of these things, but sharing them with strangers online who have also been through stuff can help—as support and also as a weight off your chest.

A text message goodbye, forever.

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"I had been dating this guy for about four months. We went out for dinner one evening, his treat. I was really starting to fall for him by this point. So we're at dinner and he goes to the washroom. He's gone for a really long time and I check my phone.

Text message from him: 'Bye,'" said one person.

He forced himself.

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One person said that their friends with benefits were hanging out with her but she wasn't "in the mood" to do anything.

So, he forced himself onto her and when he finished, he said, "see, it wasn't so bad you big baby."

The bad mother comment.

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"He told me I was a bad mom the day before Mother's Day because we were fighting at the time. Went for the jugular on that one.

Forgave him because I know he was just frustrated with me and doesn't actually think that, but it took me a while to not be angry about that particular comment," one person shared.

This is cold hearted.

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One Reddit user said that they were dumped by their partner on the day that their mother died. And, the person not only dumped them, but they also called them a cry baby in front of all of their friends.

She was hiding a whole life.

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"An ex of mine cheated on me, in the bathroom down the hall from my bedroom on New Years Eve. 2 Weeks later, I find out that she has hidden the fact that she had a child (that a friend was raising) for over 9 months," one person shared.

Don't compare guys.

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One guy said that their ex-girlfriend told him that his friend was "bigger than him," in terms of his junk.

No guy likes to be compared to another guy, especially his friend when you're dating. Totally wrong.

My heart hurts for them.

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One person shared:

"'I never wanted to marry you. I cried the night before our wedding because I knew I would have to spend the rest of my life with you.'

Heard this gem a few weeks before my 10 year anniversary. Hurt like hell. Still does from time to time, in fact."

Some guys should eat their words.

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"I have a pretty bad complexion and I usually wear lots of foundation to cover it up, but one time I woke up with my boyfriend completely makeup-free and he said that seeing my face made him want to throw up," one person said.

Mood killer.

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One girl shared that while having shower sex with her boyfriend, he stopped mid-sex to say that he "wishes" she was as flexible as his ex-girlfriend. Even mentioned her by name.

Wow. Just...wow. Talk about a disaster. I would dump him!

Trauma isn't the victim's fault.

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"I was sexually abused when I was ten-twelve. My first serious boyfriend expressed that he was mad that 'I wasn't pure' and he basically called me a slut.

Tried to make up for it by being his [expletive], which caused my next boyfriend to bring me to my knees apologizing for being a [expletive]," one person shared.

Right after the wedding.

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One person said that right after their wedding, the husband rolled over and said that he didn't love her, and that they probably shouldn't have gotten married.

Right after they got married, too. That is definitely not the greatest.

Loss and cheating. Rough.

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"Found out my grandma had passed away, I took a personal day at work and rushed home to arrange the needed paperwork.

I open the door to my place (then gf lived with me) already streaming with tears only to catch her having sex with my best and only friend," one person wrote.

Wishing she would get fired? That's rude.

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One person said that her boyfriend told her that her job was "getting in the middle of them," and holding them back, and he really wished that she would get fired.

Apparently, she had worked really hard on her career and it was very important to her.

Painful, literally.

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"When me and my ex were living together, I had my wisdom teeth taken out. He replaced my Vicodin with Ibuprofen, then ditched me to go to Ecstasy with a obnoxious fat drug dealer. I was miserable for weeks," one person said.

Mistakes are mistakes.

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One person said that their boyfriend had not washed their hands after eating and had spicy seasoning on his fingers. Then, they were fooling around and the seasoning got on her lady parts, causing her to nearly need a hospital trip.

But, they're married and all is forgiven.

When space isn't what works after all.

"You know what bothers me the most? That our lack of talking doesn't bother me" said after giving my girl some space to clear her head. Feels bad man." -DaceThinker

"You're an empty shell of a human being."

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Thankfully, when this Redditor was told that, they actually laughed.

So, they acknowledge how terrible it was, but at least they found some humor at it. That's not so bad I guess...right?

"I was just with you for two years because I was trying to be nice"

This user's luck is down bad, judging from that sentence.

Someone taking pity on you in any way can feel awful, and this romantic situation certainly doesn't help things.

User Cyprah is still thinking about it.

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""Why do you pull your hair back from your face? You don't look good like that."

"You've gained weight and I can see it's gone to your face. That's like.. the last place you want it."

Is now my ex. I'm 178cm and I now weigh 59 kilos because of that sentence."

"In sleepy post sexy glow, called me another girl's name. Awkward."

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I genuinely feel bad for this person. In a TV show setting, sure, it might get some chuckles if it's a comedy show.

But in real life, that is absolutely terrible.

When there are so many to choose from.

"youre a faker." "if i ever married you id be unhappy." "youre fat" "you dont understand what being a family is because your dad left you when you were a baby"

This user had a whole bunch, and yikes.

When they only want you for your body.

One Redditor admitted that their ex didn't want them for any part of their personality, and instead, simply wanted to use them for their body.

That is pretty damn terrible.

"I don't want to do this anymore."

"Never dated douchy guys but one guy I was with for pretty much 3 years ended it by saying "I don't want to do this anymore." Nothing that anyone has ever said has ever hurt me more than that one comment." -user myiaway

Being called creepy

One user said that actually being called creepy was one of the worse things he could have been possibly called.

There are not a lot of other words that can make him feel bad apparently!

Being called a bad mom

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"You'd be a bad mother and a bad wife. I don't love you and I never have. I'm only with you to see how many more free hours I can get out of you at (workplace)" He also complains regularly about my "huge" lady parts (nobody else ever complained), but apparently he "can't feel anything".

-user Bunniepants

"I met this really great guy last night while you were asleep"

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How is one even meant to respond to something like that? How do you come back from that? So, now we can't even go to sleep without things like this happening?

I can't stand it!

When you only see the attraction when you're drunk

"My ex when we first got together (drunk) said, 'I've never really seen the attraction before tonight.' Nowhere near as bad as some of these but still a kick in the tits." -nomifalconey

When they put you down while trying to compliment you.

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One user was told that her personality made up for her looks, and thank goodness for it too because her boyfriend thought there were a ton of other prettier girls out there.


When you simply can't remember.

"Her: "Remember that day we went out to the dam and had the craziest sex all day?" Me: "No. I've never been out to the dam with you." -user bmillynn

"Well, I don't know. Sometimes."

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I bet that quote above seems harmless, right?

Well, it was in response to when one Redditor asked their partner if they enjoyed spending time together.

Not so great.

Big yikes.

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"I don't really love you. I just say it for something to say." boyfriend to me a month after we lost our baby. 6 years later and I still don't believe anyone when they say "I love you" to me." -u1twotres