15 People Share The Rudest Ways They've Been Rejected

Getting rejected is not the best feeling. Some people take rejection rather poorly. But, there are ways to let people down easily and ways to totally traumatize them.

Rejecting someone is natural, not everyone is a match. But, then, there are those who have no care for another person and let them down rather terribly. Now, people are opening up about how they've been rejected and how bad it was.

This is painful.

Unsplash | Dino Reichmuth

One person said a guy she had a crush on at camp asked her to be his girlfriend. He kept it up for an entire week, hugging and sneaking stuff.

Then, she got a letter to meet him at the hall and when she got there, everyone was standing around laughing. It had all been a joke.

Ripped to shreds.

Unsplash | Kelly Sikkema

"I was having a party for my 13th birthday. I sent my crush an invite, a week after giving them out I found a bit of torn paper on the school field, I recognised the colour/pattern, then looked up and there was the rest of it, torn into tiny pieces," shared one girl.

The kids at school can be cruel.

Unsplash | Eric Ward

One girl said that she was bullied a lot in school. Then, one boy invited her to a party and she was so excited, she ran home to tell her mom.

She grabbed her bike, hopped on, and rode to the house. When she got there, someone opened the door and said, "Oh my god she actually came."

A rude breakup.

Unsplash | Jakub Dziubak

"Got sat down for coffee with my bf of two years and he said "I am bored of you now. Let's break up." Then picked up his coffee and left. Tore at me for a while but I got over it. More pissed off than anything he wasted my time," one person shared.

Divorce sucks.

Unsplash | Marah Bashir

One person shared that she was married for 22 years to her husband when he decided he didn't want to be married anymore because he was "bored of her."

Then, she found out, bored meant that he had actually had sex with her friend.

Why is it all a joke?

Unsplash | Eliott Reyna

"This was back as a freshman in high school but a popular guy kept asking me out, making a show out of it before class started. Eventually I said yes. He gave me a pitiful look and said, 'You know I was just kidding, right'" shared someone else.

What a jerk.

Unsplash | Arseny Togulev

One Reddit user said she had gotten pregnant accidentally with a guy she hadn't known too long, and the two decided to get an abortion was best for them.

The guy said he would come with her, but every time they had an appointment, he had "better plans." She ended up going alone.

Double rejection hurts.

Unsplash | Timothy Hales Bennett

"My first boyfriend broke up with me by changing his Facebook status to ‘single' after cheating on me. That sucked. Most recently my husband came home one day and said “I want a divorce.”

Changed his mind a week later, told me he’d work on things, didn’t, and then moved out of our room on our anniversary," one person shared.

Why did the teacher chime in?!?

Unsplash | ThisisEngineering RAEng

"In first grade I told some girl I liked her and we shoud go on a date. Somehow my god damn 1st grade teacher relentlessly made fun of me for it and the whole class did too. That [expletive] me up for a bit," said another person.

A total "abandon ship."

Unsplash | Mike Benna

"When I was about 17, I went to the park on a "double date" with a good friend of mine and two guys we just met. We'd been there for about 10 minutes when dude #1 suddenly shouts, "I'll bet you $10 I can run through those trees and back in 60 seconds!" And he just takes off into the forest."

Turns out, neither of them came back.

Getting ghosted on an island? Yikes.

Unsplash | Tom Winckels

One person said that a guy she was dating ghosted her on an island. She had gone to visit him, where he worked as a scuba instructor, and he completely ghosted her.

Luckily, her parents lived very close by. Yikes, this one is hard.

Social media is toxic.

Unsplash | Solen Feyissa

One guy said that he had asked a girl out to a movie for her to say she couldn't make it and she was busy.

Later, he saw her post photos on her Facebook with another guy at the movie theater.

Kids are rude.

Unsplash | kyo azuma

"I asked a boy I had a crush on if he would go to the dance with me and he looked like he was going to say yes, looked around and saw his friends in the back of the room shaking their head no, turned to me and said 'no, you're too short and annoying,'" one person said.

Ghosted but in person? Ouch.

Unsplash | Alex Ware

"Had set up a date...we had exchanged pics so we could recognize each other at the meet. I watched him walk towards me... look at me...pull out his phone and text me saying something came up and he couldn't make it," said another person.

He just completely left.

Unsplash | Kelli McClintock

"I sent him nudes because he asked me to. but the last one I sent, looking back, was not very flattering, so from then on he ghosted me. it really broke my heart like I really thought we could pursue a relationship and I showed him the most intimate parts of me," one person said.