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Women Are Sharing The Small But Annoying Things Their Partner Does

We all have that one thing that our partner does that pisses us off. Whether it's big or small, we know that no matter how many times they do it, it bothers us just as badly every single time.

Women have graciously opened up about the "small but annoying" things that their partners do that makes them aggravated every single time, so you can feel better about your own relationship.

That's a lot of dishes.

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One Reddit user said that her boyfriend leaves half-full, half-used glasses of water all around their apartment and doesn't clean them, nor finish them. Instead, just grabs another to half drink.

That seems ridiculously annoying. And, makes for a lot of dishes.

Singing pretty badly.

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"My husband loves to sing. The issue here is that he is tone deaf, and when he sings it sounds like a seagull is being strangled to death. He only does it when he's happy so I try to not grimace, but man he is truly terrible at singing," said one person.

Checking the window for the delivery service.

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One person shared that whenever they order food, their boyfriend has to get up and look out the window every 90 seconds to see when the food is coming.

Truth be told, we all want our food sooner, but, that's not going to help.

He doesn't sit down...ever.

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"He eats standing up. He watches TV standing up. When he's working at his computer, he gets up every few minutes to pace.

It's not a big deal for the most part, but it makes me anxious," said another person.

That's just strange.

He makes a hot mess in the bathroom.

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One person shared that whenever her partner washes his hands, he leaves a river all over the countertop.

She said she even has to lay out a towel over the bathroom counter to make sure he doesn't make a huge mess.

Lizard feet.

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"He has giant lizard feet. I swear to God, I'm not making this up. His feet are entirely made up of dry ass lizard skin.

And when we watch tv at night he always whips his socks off. Then he sits in his recliner and drags those devilish dipods back and forth over one another," shared another girl.

Just can't dance.

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"Years ago, an acquaintance of his told him he was a good dancer. Now he thinks he's goddammed Fred Astaire. He dances like a suburban white dad after one too many on Christmas Day. He dances at every available opportunity," another woman shared.

Resorts to violence, by accident.

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One person shared that her boyfriend does everything violently, without trying.

"Sitting on the couch and wants a bottle of water? Jumps up and practically runs to the fridge, swings it open, then slams it shut."

No matter what, everything is extra.

He smushes her.

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One girl said that when she and her boyfriend are sleeping, he loves to cuddle with her. But, it turns into a big smush session where she said she can barely breathe. It's "sweet" but also, too much.

Never cleans up the beard hairs.

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"Leaving his beard clippings in the sink and knowing EXACTLY what I'm about to ask when I walk into the bathroom afterwards and say, 'Hey, babe could you...'

Him: 'I'll clean up the beard hairs!'


Interrupts, always.

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Many women say the worst thing that their partner does is interrupt them whenever they are talking.

When they have something to say or even an idea, he interrupts. But, it's the worst when they are out in public with other people.

The way he eats waffles.

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"He eats waffles by cutting it by the lines into 4 giant pieces. He then proceeds to stuff the giant piece in his mouth as a whole bite. He claims that’s what the lines are for but it just makes me feel slightly embarrassed that he can’t cut the waffle into smaller bites," one woman said.


Unsplash | Priscilla Du Preez

"My husband starts a conversation in his head but only speaks the last half out loud to me and I have no clue what he’s on about. I get annoyed as he won’t explain but act like I’m the confused one until I point it out he’s done it again," shared another person.

That immature joking type.

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One person shared that her boyfriend always has to make a farting noise every time someone bends down or squats. And, many women chimed in saying that their boyfriends do it, too.

Turns out, being immature doesn't stop no matter how old you are.

Milk smells gross after a while, too.

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"My husband leaves his cereal bowl (with milk in it) in the sink, or next to the sink. When confronted about why he doesn’t at least dump the milk out and rinse the bowl, he gets a blank look on his face like he had an out of body experience and had no recollection of doing it," shared someone else.