Men Share The Most Annoying Things Other Men Do

Women are always open about sharing the things that men do that tend to annoy them. Although the list goes on and on for women, men also have lists of things that other men do that they, too, find absolutely annoying. Yes, it's crazy to believe, but men even piss other men off.

Recently, men took to Reddit to share their beliefs and their opinions on the "annoying things" other men do that they just can't handle.

Having to always be the "alpha male."

Unsplash | Parker Gibbons

"The guys who have to be the alpha. They usually start asserting their dominance when they give you a handshake that turns your knuckles white. Then it progresses to invading your personal space while puffing their chest out. Insecure losers," one Reddit user said.

Going after other people's women.

Unsplash | Eliott Reyna

One person said it's disgusting how men will go after another woman's wife or girlfriend, without any guilt, but if it happens to them, they go absolutely insane. It seems that it happens to more people than usual.

Guys that can't take no as an answer.

Unsplash | Christin Hume

"Guys that behave desperate around women and won't stop hitting on them even if they clearly aren't interested.

I once nearly got into a fight because this one guy was hitting on a good friend of mine and tried to get her attention by stealing her stuff, and when I stopped him he got really angry," another added.

Older men being creepy.

Unsplash | Rana Sawalha

One person mentioned that as a bartender, he frequently saw women get inappropriate and disrespectful questions from men who are twice their age. The creepy questions to younger women seem to be a trend that many men should definitely quit doing altogether.

Men who cannot clean up after themselves.

Unsplash | Denny Müller

"I used to live with 3 other people, 2 men and one woman, the guys couldn't help keeping the house clean even if their lives depended on it. One of them would help if pressured (but I'd had to clean everything again because he had such low cleaning standards) but the other one wouldn't pick up a broom," one person shared.

When they belittle people.

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"Dudes who would rather put you down for not knowing every single detail about something rather then genuinely trying to help teach others and spread information. And if they do manage to give a hell to help, they for whatever reason, have to have this demeaning, belittling tone," another shared.

Guys who send inappropriate pictures.

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Overall, many guys agree that sending unsolicited pictures of your junk is a huge no-no. For some strange reason, guys think that women just want those kinds of photos throughout the day and it's definitely not true. It's gross and uncomfortable.

Men who cannot be emotionally supportive.

Unsplash | Matheus Ferrero

"Men not supporting other men emotionally, even when it doesn't seem like they need it. Every man needs emotional support, especially from other men," one person said on Reddit. This one is a definite must. Everyone deserves emotional support.

A few things most guys do.

Unsplash | Toa Heftiba

"Not moving aside to let people pass, or deliberately walking in front of people without looking. Trying stupid handshake games like squeezing too hard, not letting go, or pulling you too close. Making you wait or holding up a "just a minute" finger before responding to them talking to you," another guy shared.

When they try to one-up each other constantly.

Unsplash | Donovan Grabowski

One Reddit user shared that it annoys him when guys can't have a typical conversation without trying to one-up each other and constantly add to something someone else has said. "NOT ONLY THAT, BUT (8 paragraph long diatribe)" is hilarious to me and I've done it so goddamn much myself."

Men who can't enjoy a cocktail.

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"Men that think it's "unmanly" to drink delicious cocktails. Why is it suddenly unmanly to have a sweet tooth when it comes to drinks? I mean you don't go to someones wedding and then say "ha cake? No way I'm a real man," said one other guy.

Older guys that hate learning from anyone else younger.

Unsplash | Sunyu Kim

"Older men hate taking instruction from young guys like myself in the trades. Instead of dropping their ego and feelings at the door, they come in with no experience and wont allow me to teach them... it's a lot of patience and I find it very frustrating. You may be older but shut the [expletive] up and let me teach you something bud,"said one person.

Guys who would rather shut others down rather than build them up.


One guy shared that he constantly sees other men tearing another guy down just to get ahead. Instead, he'd rather see them building each other up and working on making them both reach success, instead of just berating each other constantly.

Guys who change around women.

Unsplash | Vince Fleming

"Guys that become completely different when there's no women around. Guy at work is always nice to his female co-workers. Second they're gone, they're a bunch of dumb [explicit] in need of his manly love.

I've heard him tell women that his having 3 sisters gives him a great respect for them. He also told me (when the ladies weren't around) that having 3 sisters gives him insight to their weaknesses and allows him to easily take advantage of them," one person said.

Guys who cannot handle rejection.

Unsplash | Joshua Rodriguez

A guy said that he cannot stand when guys cannot handle rejection. It's a huge problem when a guy gets rejected and turns violent and angry because he cannot deal with it at all. It's scary, too.