Crochet Your Own Houseplants And Never Worry About Forgetting To Water Them Again

Hi! My name is Brittany, and I've killed every plant I've ever had.

I don't do it on purpose. I'm just a deeply forgetful person, and keeping plants alive requires, you know, a fairly good memory. That's why I'm a big fan of faux plants — the cuter, the better. And I'd say these crochet plants fit that bill.

Boom. Crochet succulent.

It is entirely possible this is the cutest plant I've ever seen, guys.

Etsy shop KnotMonster specializes in creating amazing crochet patterns that look as soft as they care cute.

They've created a wide range of crochet plants.

Crochet bonsai? No problem. Venus flytrap? Let's do it! There's a pattern for everyone in their crochet potted plant ebook, which comes with 12 patterns for you to try.

Reviewers love the ebook!

"I am so glad I got them. They are super easy to follow and come out so cute! I love how they are written for anyone to understand and even included an uplifting pep talk to get started!"

It's a great book for beginners, too!

KnotMonster's book features step-by-step instructions to creating your very first crochet piece.

You can pick up the ebook from their Etsy shop for $5.99! Happy crocheting!

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