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Stained Glass Plants Will Make A Gorgeous Addition To Your Collection

Glass artists are truly out of this world. They bend and manipulate a medium most of us are afraid to break into beautiful works of art!

Recently, stained glass artists have been making tiny plant friends. And honestly? I need one. We all need one.

Look how pretty these are!

Etsy | jacquiesummer

The level of artistry here is just astronomical. This particular bunch were made to be wedding favors or props. One bride purchased hers to take photos of their rings on!

This cactus friend is everything.

Etsy | SandandFireWorks

The texture in this is so cool! I love how it looks like there's water trapped under the glass. And, of course, that tiny flower on the top is the cutest effing thing in the world.

This guy is available for $31.44 on Etsy.

This plant was inspired by an artist!

Etsy | MichaelinesDesigns

Van Gogh, specifically! MichaelinesDesigns on Etsy said that it would make good desk or home decor, but it also comes with a ring so that you can hang it!

This jade plant is stunning.

Etsy | SandandFireWorks

It genuinely looks real, doesn't it? SandandFireWorks on Etsy hand soldered each green glass petal to a copper stem. You can order it for $76.77 — pot not included!