Young Man Opens Up About Having 27 Moms And 150 Siblings: 'It's Been The Normal'

When I was growing up, there were seven of us all under the same roof. High school was hectic and there were times when I thought my parents were going to explode.

But compared to TikToker @kayezer0 — that's absolutely nothing. Because growing up in his household he had 27 different mothers and 150 brothers and sisters!

TikTok user @kayezero aka Murray Blackmore didn't have a normal childhood.

Murray was born into the FLDS; a polygamous sect of Mormonism that has been widely regarded by law officials as a cult.

Murray claims that he is only 1 of 150 children born to his father.

The numbers seem impossible, until Murray begins to explain his family dynamic.

It turns out that Murray didn't just have one mother — he had twenty-seven.

On top of that, 12 of Murray's brothers and sisters are the exact same age as he is.

Ironically, Murray went the majority of his childhood never questioning his upbringing.

The FLDS is known for keeping a tight lid on the outside world, so it's no surprise that Murray never questioned his reality until later in life.

He says that he stayed in the Church during adolescence, but broke away once he reached adulthood.

As unbelievable as it may seem, Murray says his parents aren't finished having children.

In a response video, Murray confirms that there has been news of yet another pregnancy in his family — thus bringing his sibling count up to 151!

Can you imagine competing for your mom and dad's attention with 150 other kids?!