Women Are Normalizing Their 'Mom Bods' In Response To The 'Dad Bod' Trend

Over the past decade-plus, the term "dad bod" has become something to admire. But while men are celebrated for their paunch and potbellies, women are still being held to impossible standards of beauty.

Now, thanks to a recent viral video from TikToker @brightnorthstudio, slowly that is beginning to change. Have a look as women all over TikTok begin celebrating their "mom bods."

Just what exactly is a "Dad bod", anyway?

Unsplash | Max Harlynking

According to an article in Men's Health, "The phrase "dad bod" refers to an average guy who doesn't have a lean, shredded physique."

In a nutshell, it's the stereotypical image most people have when they think of the suburban middle-aged man.

Overall, the "dad bod" has been regarded as a good thing. But TikToker Rachel Whipple recently pointed out a pretty big discrepency.

"Do you ever think about how society is so accepting of "dad bods" and yet, it's women who literally carry and birth the child," Rachel asked.

"And the second they do, they're bombarded by society about how to lose the baby weight."

Rachel points out how ludicrous it is to think that a "mom bod" isn't accepted by society — but a "dad bod" is.

Women's bodies literally birth life into this world.

So why do we make them feel that their appearance after the fact is anything that they should be ashamed of?

When speaking with Buzzfeed, Rachel explained how she was always bothered by the term "dad bod."

"I love that it allows for body acceptance and confidence, but why only for men?" Rachel asked earnestly.

Since Rachel's post, her video has gone viral. And mothers all over TikTok are starting to proudly share their "mom bods" with the world.