People Are Sharing The Things Most Of Us Don't Realize Are Privileges

Privilege can be a difficult concept to understand.

After all, the only life we know is our own, and we all deal with ups and downs. It can be tough to recognize the little advantages that may have given us a leg up on others.

A recent r/AskReddit thread asked, "What is something people don't realize is a privilege?".

The thoughtful answers might make some of us realize just how privileged we truly are.

Hot showers.

Unsplash | Chandler Cruttenden

"I was homeless for a year and a half, and there was a time I blew $50 on a motel room specifically to take a hot shower. I remember pulling off my cold wet socks and just collapsing into the hot water, sobbing. Felt like all my problems went away immediately."


Having your own room or space.

Unsplash | Boxed Water Is Better

"A lot of people and especially families around the world has to share living spaces.

"There was a thread on Reddit recently where a family couldn't give their teenage daughter a room of her own cause their house only had two rooms and they were poor. Everyone said the parent was [a jerk] because the teen had a right to it and they should move to a bigger house/outside their area to amend that."



"A literal city of tunnels you never see, draining and moving water in and out of your town/city, completely hidden from view. It's a luxury and you'd be surprised how much of the world doesn't have that while the rest of the world never even thinks about it."


Having your parents to rely on during adulthood.

Unsplash | Nathan Anderson

"My parents and I still communicate, but they stopped feeding me at 14 or 15. They stopped buying my clothes around 13, and even when they did help it was mostly only for birthday or Christmas gifts, and always second hand (which wouldn’t be an issue, I buy a lot of things second hand, but my parents legit have money). I had two jobs at 15, worked through college, and was only allowed to live at my parents house when I was maintaining their entire half acre house by myself."


Variety of food.

"My dad told me how in mexico they ate what they had, it was rural farm life, I mean he continued to eat that way even living here in America, he would buy me and my sister whatever we wanted and make eggs and beans for himself."


Good mental health.

Unsplash | Priscilla Du Preez

"While some people seem to breeze through their life goals, a lot of people suffer in ways that prevent them or slow them down. It’s a privilege to have most of your emotional needs met and have the stability needed to focus on developing your artistry/skills."


Clean bedding.

Unsplash | Greg Rivers

"The other night I decided to change my bedding randomly and realized how lucky I am to be able to swap to another clean set on a whim. Clean laundry, multiple blankets, a whole drawer of socks...those things make me feel rich. A lot of people don't have another set of clothes or a clean, safe bed to sleep in."



"I (am from USA) didn’t have a flush toilet until I was seven. Early enough that a flush toilet still feels like the normal thing, but late enough that I still appreciate it since I remember potty training with an outhouse 50 yards from the house in Maine (which is [expletive] cold in the winter)."



Unsplash | UX Gun

"I was born in Bosnia 3 years before the war. The war officially ended in 1995 and to this day it's still having a huge effect on everyone. And to make it worse, the whole political situation is still [expletive] enough that people fear a new war might start."



Unsplash | Yusuf Belek

"I am in my 40’s with braces. My parents couldn’t afford it and I waited until my kids (the ones that needed it) all got theirs done; then It was my turn. If I had gotten braces as a teen I’d like to think my massive underbite could have somehow been prevented."


Being able-bodied.

"I had a patient one day, a male in his early fifties, who was always a generally healthy guy except recently developed serious problems that limited is lifestyle and he said to me when you spend your whole life being healthy you don't know how to be unhealthy. And he didn't have to explain because as someone who's so far been generally healthy I knew exactly what he meant."


Good vision.

Unsplash | Josh Calabrese

"I often think about our eyes, so much of our lives and ability to live a happy life is dependant on being able to see, but that massive gift is all dependant on two unprotected mushy balls in our head that can easily be destroyed."


Having parents in a loving relationship.

Unsplash | Marcos Paulo Prado

"It was really eye opening to realize that simple things like consistently saying 'please', 'thank you', and 'you're welcome' can be a bedrock for a stable relationship, and conversely how constant joking meanness and sarcasm can spread negative energy and put you on edge without you even realizing it."


Having a healthy digestive tract.

"I can tell you it's easier for people to accept when I say 'I don't eat it because I don't like the taste' rather than saying 'I can't eat it because it makes my stomach hurt.'

"For some reason, people think that because they can eat anything without any issues, the rest of the world can too."


Running water.

Unsplash | Imani

"My family often rents out one of the forest service cabins on PWS a few times a summer.

"The first time, it was my first time going anywhere without running water really as an adult (plenty as a kid but as an adult we saved up for a camper with water tanks) and I was shocked at how much water we used to just drink and cook and brush our teeth, we didn’t take showers or have a flushing toilet or anything, just for eating and drinking."


Air conditioning.

"I live in a house with no AC, for the first time in my life. My fan travels back and forth with me. An Irish comedian did point out one useful trick though. Store damp washcloths in the fridge. When it gets too hot, take one out and drape it around your neck. Very useful!"


Free time.

Unsplash | Mollie Sivaram

I die a little inside every time I hear celebrities and random media telling me to 'follow my dreams' and [stuff] like that. It's not like I don't have dreams. I do, and I was pursuing them for a while, until I realized I need to not be homeless and starving.


Weekends off work.

"I think about this every Saturday when the gardener comes to mow. He brings his son to help him. My kids are sitting in their PJs working on coding projects, while his son is out helping mow lawns. That is his kid's Saturday off school vs. mine."


Having a tight-knit family.

Unsplash | Tyler Nix

"This is the way I see it, you do not need your blood family you need people who you can rely on to be there for you, if you cannot rely on your blood family to be there for you then you do not need them."


Having a driver's license.

"I was looking for this one. A lot of folk don't realise how driving is a privilege, one that should be taken away if you act the tit.

"You're in charge of 2 tonnes of fast moving machine with 5 people dying per day on UK roads. Treat it with a tad more respect and drive as if you have the examiner in the car with you."