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Women With Belly Fat Are Shamed More Than Those With A Bigger Butt, Even At The Same Weight

An "hourglass shape" (robust hips and bust with a tiny waist) has long been sought after by women.

It was the body type that made old Hollywood actresses — Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Sophia Loren — the sex symbols that they were.

But now, a new study has found troubling information about this desired body type.

Oklahoma State and Arizona State University recently conducted a study that looked at weight and body stigmas.

Unsplash | Gemma Chua-Tran

The researchers showed nearly 750 participants graphics of underweight, average-weight, overweight, and obese females with different body shapes.

They found that overweight women with belly fat were more stigmatized than overweight women with butt, hips, and thighs fat.

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In addition to this, overweight women that had belly fat were more stigmatized than obese woman with butt fat.

This goes to show that hourglass shapes are more accepted in society.

This can be unsettling news to those not born with an hourglass figure.

It could make these women more likely to turn to things like waist shapers or even plastic surgery.

Both markets are already on the rise.

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MarketWatch found that the waist shaper market is already supposed to continue growing in 2021.

What's more, there's been a plastic surgery boom in 2020.

Hopefully, the results of the Oklahoma State and Arizona State University study will help society becomes more aware of the dangers of these stigmas.