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Viral Video Shows Fairgoers Stopping A Spinning Ride With People From Falling Over

If you were to look up the definition of "fun" in the dictionary, "amusement parks" would be there.

It's always filled with thrilling rides, laughter, and sugary treats!

Well, almost always. A day at the park was more like a nightmare recently when a ride came dangerously close to toppling over.

Many lives could've been affected had it not been for heroic fairgoers.

These horrifying events took place at Cherry Festival in Traverse City, Michigan.

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It happened on the Magic Carpet ride, which is supposed to swing passengers back and forth.

But the ride malfunctioned when it broke loose from its base, making it so the ride was close to toppling over completely with passengers still attached.

“We were walking by and saw the ride going faster than it normally does and then parts started breaking,” Kobe Ramirez of Traverse City told Record-Eagle about the incident.

He was one of the many people who recorded a viral video. “It was tipping back toward the river,” Ramirez said.

Videos of the terrifying ordeal showed the ride operator switch off the power and jump off the platform for safety.

Meanwhile, onlookers looked on in horror as the ride continued to swing erratically.

There were loud clatters coming from the ride, which meant that it could further come apart at any moment.

The moment the ride began tipping at an angle, brave fairgoers sprung into action.

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Multiple videos show them using their collective weight to stop the Magic Carpet ride from falling over.

This quick-thinking halted the ride and ensured that no passengers were injured. The ride had only been in operation for six days.

"I think if they hadn’t been holding it, it would have fallen back,” Ramirez said.

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“They unplugged it so it was still moving and they had to wait for it to slow down.”

He could hear screeches coming from the ride and screams from those trapped inside.

The festival's executive director, Kat Paye, told the *Daily Mail* that the ride is no longer in operation.

"Inspections of the rides happen daily and written reports are filled out and completed on each ride every morning prior to operation," she said.

"I am grateful for the quick response of staff and community members and very thankful that there were no injuries."

The ride has been returned to the manufacturer in Ohio to determine what caused the fault.

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"We’re not sure exactly what happened,” said Joey Even, of Traverse City-based Arnold’s Amusements.

“The ride came off the blocking.” He added that every seat was filled on the carnival ride when it malfunctioned.

Even also shared why the ride didn't come to a complete stop when the ride operator killed the power.

“Unfortunately that takes what seems like an eternity,” he said, understanding that those on the ride and watching it are pretty traumatized.

It took the Traverse City Police and community workers 15 minutes to unload everybody.

There is one bright spot to this scary incident, and that's the power of community.

“It just shows what kind of people live here in Traverse City to run over and help,” Even told Record-Eagle.

Reactions from those online were also filled with gratitude "The people running up to hold it were so brave. If that had gone over forwards it could've crushed them," wrote one.


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A lot of people gave huge props to the first guy who jumped forward to steady the base.

"The first guy who jumped on is such a leader! Dominos effect in real life!!! Cried watching this."

There is obviously some fear surrounding certain rides.

"It's terrifying to think that this exact ride is always at the fair I go to and it breaks like this," one person commented.

Watch the clip for yourself and let us know your thoughts in the comments!