Grizzly Can Bear-ly Believe What He's Seeing In Adorable Wedding Photobomb

While planning a wedding is often a hectic and expensive experience, one advantage to this undertaking is that it's understood that the bride and groom get to bring their visions of how they want to celebrate their union to life.

And if you're dealing with a creative couple, you may find that their personal styles and touches can add some fun and color to what is sometimes a stuffy tradition.

Although you never really know what's going to happen while an event that large is underway, it's also true that some of those little surprises just make everything more memorable.

When Allison and Tabor Baumli got married, they had a pretty quirky idea for where they wanted to take their wedding photos.

Pexels | Trung Nguyen

As Tabor said in a Reddit post, their destination was the Minnesota Zoo.

And while their photographer had the idea to show them as striking silhouettes, they couldn't have predicted how great the photos would actually turn out.

And that's because one curious fella picked the perfect time and place to poke his head out.

As you can see, he's utterly transfixed by what's going on. And as far as commenters were concerned, his reaction looked like anything from rapture at the bride's beauty to jealousy in the groom.

And of course, this more glum face he made in another photo makes it harder not to agree with the folks who think he's jealous.

And while a photobomb like this already seems like a rare blessing, it turns out it's even rarer than we think as Tabor explained that the animals would normally be inside being fed at the time these photos were taken.

But it looks like not even grub could keep this adorable bear away.

h/t: Reddit | DrBaumli

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