Mom-To-Be Admits She's Nervous About Wearing Diapers, So Her Husband Does It First

Many moms have quite a few fears when it comes to childbirth and motherhood. Many fear what happens after going into labor and the pain that comes along with delivery. Others are not looking forward to those sleepless nights and diaper changing.

But, the vast majority of moms are concerned about how their bodies will look and feel after having a child.

Sometimes, after giving birth, women have to wear diapers.

Unsplash | Sharon McCutcheon

Not only do their newborn babies get diapers, but many new moms also wear diapers, too. Women oftentimes bleed and having other discharges after giving birth, and a postpartum diaper helps to make sure nothing gets messy or becomes a problem.

However, not all moms want to rock the diaper.

Unsplash | Christian Bowen

Many women get self-conscious and even fear their bodies after labor and delivery. No woman wants to hear that she has to not only recover physically but also wear a matching diaper with her baby!

However, if you're lucky enough to have a supportive parter, they'll help you feel all better.

Take it from the wife of Patrick Chase Champi. The dad, who is a TikTok legend, has been posting about his newborn baby and his wife's labor and delivery process all over his page. And, one of the videos went viral for the absolute best reason.

Champi was trying to help make his wife feel better about her changing body.

After his wife had expressed concerns about the way her body would change and transform after giving birth, Champi decided to cheer her up and show her that it's "no big deal" by actually rocking the postpartum diapers around the house.

Champi's wife filmed him in multiple positions.

In the video, Champi can be seen stretching, cleaning, fixing himself a drink, and even twerking to show his wife that anything is possible in these bad boys. And, of course, it's absolutely adorable and hilarious at the same time.

Although Champi's video has humorous, it's deeply meaningful.

It takes a strong man to throw on a postpartum diaper and strut his stuff, but Champi obviously did it because he adores his wife and wants her to know that he loves her no matter what and that everything will be okay.

People in the comments couldn't stop gushing.

“You are lucky to have such a supportive husband," one person commented. Others said, "I can see why you had his baby."

Many people called the couple "goals" saying, "If my husband don't [sic] act like this, I'm getting a new one."

Champi also shared a few fun TikToks before his wife gave birth.

Clearly, Champi is going to be a fun dad as we can see from these TikToks. He is constantly hyping his wife up and making her feel better during tough times, like labor and delivery. He truly is husband goals.

And, he's already been TikToking with his daughter, too.

Using some of the latest TikTok trends, Champi is also sharing some adorable and sweet videos of the couple's newborn daughter.

This dad gets an A++ for being the best husband and father he can be, and still making us all laugh in the process.