Unsplash | Ivan Torres

Instead Of Eating Normal Pizza, People Are Using Bread, Ketchup, And Cheese

Social media is a blessing and a curse all in one. For one thing, we can see hacks and tips from people who discover amazing ways to get through life, making things much easier than before.

On the other side, we see some nasty things that we just wish never started to evolve in the first place. And, most of them have to do with food.

Sometimes, people combine things that just should not go together.

Unsplash | Ball Park Brand

We all love when people discover new food combos that are delicious and maybe, we wouldn't have thought of before. But, now with TikTok videos being ever so popular, people are making things that really should have been left behind in their minds and never let out to breathe.

Recently, one Twitter video has surfaced where a person on TikTok creates a "pizza."

I use "pizza" in quotation marks because I'm unsure that this can even be called nor considered a pizza. In the video, the person slaps a slice of bread on a plate, squeezes out ketchup on top, and drops a slice of cheese.

The person then puts it in the microwave to heat up.

This bread, ketchup, cheese mixture then goes into the microwave for several moments until the cheese has melted. The person then cuts it into "slices" as if it were pizza.

All I can think about is how soggy that bread is going to be and how gross this is going to taste.

If you're going to have pizza, just have pizza.

Unsplash | Quin Engle

There are tons of ways to make pizza at home, like by buying dough and sauce and cheese. Or, even stopping by your local pizzeria and grabbing a normal slice, as well.

Even if you wanted to use bread and cheese to make a pizza, at least use real sauce!