Internet Praises Mom For Sharing Breast Milk Storage Hack

When it comes to breast milk, it's truly a topic I could go on and on and on about. Not only does everyone have an opinion about breastfeeding, everyone's got their own set of rules for new moms to follow about where and when they can breastfeed — it's all kind of madness, really.

Well, today is a new day and I'm here to share ONLY a helpful breastmilk hack for all the mamas out there.

You're doing amazing, by the way!

While there seems to be a lot of chatter about breastfeeding, there's still a lot we don't know.

Women's bodies go through so much to produce milk for their babies if they're physically and emotionally able to.

Now, a mom on TikTok is sharing her secret to make breastfeeding storage a little bit easier.

In a video posted to the popular video sharing app, user @glitzygoat12 shared her hack for storing large amounts of breast milk.

"This is the first thing I tell all my new mom friends about breastmilk storage," she captioned the video.

Showing a bag of breastmilk, the mom tells the camera: "You freeze 'em flat."

"[If] you do this, you've got a brick — it takes forever to unthaw," she explains, as she stands the bag upright to compare.

Freezing them flat makes for easy thawing and easy storage!

Once the bag is frozen flat, it makes it much easier to store large quantities together in labelled Ziploc bags.

"Fill up your bag — they usually fit 11 5-ounce bags. They stack great in a stand-up or a deep freeze," she explains in the video.

She then takes viewers into her MASSIVE freezer, which is just filled with mama milk.

"It makes it really easy if you're bringing it to day care," she continues, "or even if you're just at home or bringing it to Grandma's. It just works so well; easier to organize, and to keep track of how much you have."

The comments were filled with mom's praising this nifty trick!

"Go mama!" wrote one fan. "No better feeling than opening up the freezer to see this!"

"You are so blessed to be able to produce like that," echoed another.

What an awesome tip — good to keep in mind for those of you who are getting ready to grow your family!