Let's Just Say It: Johnny Depp Is The Best Actor Of All Time

It's time to settle the argument once and for all: Johnny Depp is the best actor of all time. Period. Over the past four decades of Johnny's acting career, there's never been anyone able to best him.

Johnny is a chameleon: he changes with the scenery becoming something new and beautiful in each and every film he undertakes. You can try to argue otherwise, but in the end — you're only lying to yourself.

No other actor on earth possesses Johnny's dramatic range.

Al Pacino is an incredible dramatic actor. Jim Carrey, on the other hand, is an outstanding comedic actor.

But Al isn't funny and Jim can't be taken seriously. On the contrary, Johnny Depp is just as believable in Donnie Brasco as he is in Dark Shadows.

Johnny also possesses an incredibly powerful singing voice and a love for the theater and stage.

Anyone who has seen Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street understands that Johnny is the whole package.

His beautifully macabre performance was enough to earn him his third Academy Award nomination. If you ask me, he was flat-out robbed by Daniel Day-Lewis.

But perhaps more than anything else, Johnny has the ability to melt our hearts and make us believe in the underdog.

I would never have thought that a movie about a man with scissors for hands could ever be such a raw, emotional, and cathartic viewing experience.

But that's what sets Johnny apart — his vision and foresight are undeniable.

Finally, Johnny isn't ever afraid to step outside his comfort zone.

Say what you will about Johnny Depp but he's never made the same movie twice. He isn't driven by dollars and cents but rather an innate desire to create living art through cinema.

For these reasons and more, he's quite simply the greatest actor on the planet.