Single Mom Decides To Build Her Own Tiny Home Following Her Divorce

Do you believe that you can do anything you set your mind to? Well, if you do, then you're going to love this story.

A single mom from Columbus, Ohio took on a lofty project in order to distract herself from her daily struggles. And this project turned into years-long adventure, which she and her family continue to enjoy. Let's find out more about this. Shall we?

Kelley Lewis had a bout of depression years ago when she got pregnant while young.

She was also working at a job she didn't like. In fact, she struggled so much that she even attempted suicide when her son was 10 months old.

What this has taught her was to recognize the signs of depression.

So when she struggled again later in life, she knew she had to ask for help. She found herself dealing with the same demons again, but this time she did something about it.

At the time, she was dealing with a bitter divorce and felt that she was slipping into a relapse.

So she decided to channel that energy into something positive. She bought a 1.5 acre of land and embarked on an exciting project.

She decided that she would build a lake house her family can enjoy as a vacation home.

Being a mom of three, she never had much ability to take her kids anywhere, so this place was going to be the escape everybody needed.

But what's special about this story is that Kelley decided to do it all herself.

Granted, she got some help with the structure of the house, as well as electrical, but that's about it. All the rest she did herself. Well, her kids helped too, hehe.

Originally she wanted to build a large cabin-like house that she saw on HGTV.

But then she fell in love with the tiny house movement, and she decided to make it into a 192-square-foot home instead. It only cost her about $30,000 to do so, too, plus the $70,000 she paid for the land.

The whole project felt like an escape for Lewis.

And in the end, the home she created brings her and her family lots of joy. The entire place is also a collection of memories as her children helped their mom with many aspects of building it.

Now that Kelley is happily married again, she can really appreciate what she made with her bare hands.

As she single-handedly built the home nail by nail, she stresses that the process literally changed her life. It was a way for her to get out of her depression and find purpose again.

Wow, isn't this such an inspirational story?

It really amazes me what people can accomplish when they set their minds to do something. Have you ever embarked on a project that was hard at first but, in the end, it actually made your life better?