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Reddit Users Share Their Small Home Upgrades That Make A Huge Difference

If you've just moved into your new house, it's great, right? But wait, there is so much to do to make that house into a home. You must agree with me on that.

So, I thought it would be helpful to share some useful tips from fellow Reddit users that will take your living space up a notch. Check these out and let me know your favorites.

This Noise Reduction Tip

A Redditor suggested this great idea here. You can sound-proof key walls such as bedrooms next to utility/furnace rooms or stacked washer/dryer closets to prevent noise from traveling. It might be a small thing, but it should make a big difference, huh?

This Further Adjustment

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You can also use solid core instead of hollow core doors to reduce noise travel further. Then use a bit of silicone around the frame to prevent noise when slamming and door seal strips to prevent dust travel.

This Space-Saving Solution

Instead of closets, consider whether an IKEA PAX wardrobe solution built into the wall might be better. It will provide you more space and an organized area for storing your clothes. Hmm, that's a good tip here.

This Solid Advice

Avoid cheap plastic registers because a lot of them tend to be quite noisy when the furnace or fan is running. Sometimes it's really worth it to upgrade your furniture pieces to give yourself more peace of mind.

This Furnace Tip

If you're buying a tall home with a furnace in the bottom corner of your home, get some dampers installed in your ducts. That way, you can control the airflow as some rooms will get much hotter than others.

This Interesting Conundrum

Is your furnace located in one corner with a narrowly sufficient plumbing system? This may lead to water taking longer to warm up. The further away the room is, the longer it takes. Did you realize that? I had no idea.

This Wifi Fix

As it turns out, some homes have a hard time with WiFi. So you might want to consider a MoCA or Mesh system to counter that. This type of home networking technology makes your WiFi better with a reliable, low latency, and ultra-high-speed connection.

This Cabinet Upgrade

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Nobody wants to hear cabinets slamming all day long. Am I right? It's an easy fix. All you need is an upgrade in hardware, which isn't too pricey to create soft-closing drawers and cabinets. We did that in our home, too.

This Hardware Warning

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"Don't splurge on trendy hardware. Buy something sturdy and practical." You don't want to end up scrubbing them all the time. For example, chrome hardware in the kitchen is pretty impossible to keep clean. Oh my gosh, I didn't realize that.

This Neat Idea

Ever wish you had a few extra inches of space in the shower? With a curved shower rod, you can make that dream a reality. Oh my goodness, I have to admit you would never have thought of that.

This Cell Signal Fix

If you have a poor cell signal inside your home, you can buy a cell signal extender. There's a variety of them on sites like Amazon. They make a huge difference for those that live on the edges of cell tower reception.

This Helpful Advice

"All storage below the counter should be drawers. We did this in our kitchen and the difference is amazing. There is no reaching to the back because there is no back. Much better use of space." Wow, I like that.

This Companion Tip

Speaking of kitchen cabinets, particularly deep ones, definitely benefit from build-ins and some runners. That way, you can pull everything out at once instead of having to reach into the back. That makes total sense to me.

So many great tips here, huh?

I bet now your home is going to run a lot better. I'm going to implement a few of these helpful hacks here. Let me ask you: do you have any home improvements tips of your own?