22 Home Hacks To Make Any Homeowner's Life Easier

Now that I'm a homeowner, I've truly learned how much work goes into keeping a home intact. It seems that there are always little repairs or chores that need to be done. Thankfully, the kind people of the internet have stepped up to help us homeowners out with a few simple hacks.

Aluminum foil to the rescue!

If you're looking for a cheap and easy way to cool your home, pick up a few rolls of aluminum foil. Tape the foil to windows with the shiny side facing out to reflect the sun's light away from your home. Ahhh, much better!

This seems so obvious, yet I never thought of it.

Even though we're on our phones all the time these days, I never thought of using them for this purpose. If you need to see inside a box on a high shelf (or any space that's in an awkward position, really) simply take a picture of it using your phone's forward-facing camera. Genius!

Don't forget to clean out the entire lint holder.

"It’s not enough to just clean your dryer lint screen. Sometimes you need to remove its holder and really get in there," one Reddit user shared. That's some good advice right there.

An oldie but a goodie.

Those over-the-door shoe holders can be used to hold just about anything. One person had the clever idea of using on in their garage to store paint supplies and other odds and ends.

Curtains can be used on doors, too!

One Reddit user said they hung up curtains in front of their door to block out light coming through the cracks when their roommates are up late. I need to sleep in a room that's 100% dark, so I totally get where this idea is coming from.

Apparently, we've all been juicing limes the wrong way.

According to this handy guide, you should resist the urge to cut your limes in half if you plan on juicing them. Follow these steps the next time you need some freshly squeezed lime juice.

Don't let Swiffer rip you off.

Those Swiffer refills can cost a fortune but thankfully there are some DIY solutions that are much cheaper. One Reddit user even suggested using regular ol' paper towel to get the job done.

No clip? No problem!

If you've misplaced your beloved chip clip, here's a quick backup idea. Simply use a fork to seal that bag shut! Might not be the prettiest solution but it does work.

I just want to know what kind of garbage can this is.

I'm sure we've all seen the hack of using binder clips to hold garbage bags in place. Well, one Reddit user suggested using hemming clips (found at any sewing supply store) instead. These photos speak for themselves.

Hey, if it works, it works.

Maybe this isn't the most ethical lifehack, but who am I to judge. Apparently, you can get free flooring samples at Home Depot and they just happen to be the same size as a coaster. I'll let you put two and two together for this one.

Hair ties have done it again.

Besides being a lifesaver for anyone with long hair, it turns out that hair ties have some practical uses around the home as well. For instance, you can use them to keep all remotes together, which is especially handy if one of them happens to be on the smaller side.

Now this is some smart thinking.

One Reddit user installed an outdoor receptacle box to hold — get this — doggy poop bags! It's a really simple idea but it will definitely make stooping and scooping a bit easier.

There's a reason why restaurants do this.

Hold onto those fast-food carriers and keep them to store your own condiments. These carriers make it easier to transport anything from the kitchen to your table or patio. Plus, look at how organized everything is!

Oh, that's what that's for!

If you've recently purchased a new sofa and noticed this fabric swatch, you might have thought it's for patching up holes. Its actual purpose is to test cleaning agents so you don't accidentally stain your couch.

A tried and true hack.

This hack has been floating around on the internet for a long time but that's because it really does work. An upside-down Command hook on the side of your garbage can will stop the bag from falling in.

Conquer the dreaded task of carrying groceries inside.

If you're determined to carry your entire grocery haul inside in one trip, you should invest in one of these padded carabiners. It'll carry all your bags and keep your hand cushioned.

Use tape to mark holes when hanging things up.

Proof that, once again, the best solutions are the easiest. Use tape to mark the holes of the items you're hanging, then stick it to the wall as a guide. Don't forget your level!

Lego to the rescue!

If you have a few spare Lego pieces kicking around you can make them into a cord or key holder for your home office desk. It's a fun way to keep things tidy.

Keep this one in mind for the holidays.

Apparently, shower curtain hooks also make great light hooks — especially for hanging up lights in windows. What's even better is that you can usually find these hooks at the dollar store!

Freeze freezies the right way.

I know it sounds silly to say there's a right way to freeze freezies, but there is. If you stand them up, you won't get any odd air pockets in the body of the freezie and the top will be easier to cut off. Now go enjoy your freezies!

Planning your own herb garden?

If you've decided to jump on the DIY herb trend, this hack will help you out. Try using unflavored dental floss to hand your herbs for drying. The wax will keep the herbs from slipping and falling down.

A quick home DIY? Don't mind if I do.

"Live in a rental or simply can’t decide if you want to frame out a builders grade mirror? Place Command Velcro strips vertically against the mirror and use simple baseboards to update the look. This particular set [has] been in place for six years — even fooled our realtor," this Reddit user shared.

It looks pretty good to me!

Now you're ready to be a home improvement master!

Hopefully, these quick and easy home hacks will help you out the next time you encounter a problem. Isn't the internet a great place to learn tips like these?