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Bride Gets Shamed After Getting Mad At Guest For Bringing A $10 Wedding Present

When people get married, they often times pay a lot of money to plan a nice, fancy, and memorable wedding. As someone who is currently planning a wedding, let me say, it is not cheap.

Weddings tend to be expensive and run your bank account dry. But, many couples sometimes hope to get back what they pay towards the wedding in gifts from family and relatives.

There are many different customs when it comes to wedding gifts.

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Some people like to give cash, while others give sentimental gifts like monogram champagne flutes or other personalized items.

There is not one right gift, but people definitely have a lot of opinions on what's expected.

If you are giving cash, there are some people who believe you should pay for your plate.

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For those of you who might not know, that means you are expected to pay for the amount of money spent on your dinner.

However, not everyone is able to give large sums of money as gifts.

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As many people have many different things going on in their lives, not everyone is able to afford very large sums of money or big checks as wedding gifts.

There are those who believe that giving any gift is special, no matter how big or small.

Although many believe it's the thought that counts, not everyone agrees.

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Some people believe that small gifts look bad when given at a wedding. Especially, when a couple spends a lot of money to make the night memorable and special for the guests that are in attendance for the magical day.

Recently, one bride decided to seek advice on Facebook about wedding guests she had at her own wedding.

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The bride wrote into a wedding group called, "Brisbane Weddings - Buy/Swap/Sell/Chat," asking if anyone had ever received wedding gifts in the past that were a "slap in the face."

She also asked how people dealt with that kind of situation.

According to the post, someone came to their wedding and left a "cheap" gift.

The bride said that she and her partner had an "exclusive" wedding, an all-inclusive one, too.

They wanted to make sure that the focus was on the guests.

Their best friend, husband, and two kids gifted them "2 Kmart towels," which were a total of about $10.

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The bride said that they were "hurt" by it and felt it was a "slap in the face."

I'm sure this is a feeling that a lot of people might have felt, whether it was a wedding or not.

People online had mixed feelings over this bride and the post.

"I kind of understand her point about the towels. If my best friends swung by Kmart on the way to my wedding and grabbed two $5 towels I’d be kind of peeved too."

They continued on by saying that it isn't about the money at all, but about the thought that goes into the present.

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"It’s not really about the money spent, it’s more the lack of thought and consideration behind the gift," one person said.

Some people agreed that if it's their "best friend" that it's definitely hurtful.

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"Even if money is an issue, if you’re my best friend, you can think of a more thoughtful gift than two towels from kmart."

"Make a coupon where you offer to make us dinner after the honeymoon, or a scrapbook of memories."

"I would also be extremely hurt by this gift," one person added.

Others said there is not enough context in the post.

"To be fair, there is not enough context in the post. We don‘t know the financial situation of this best friend and the husband and we don‘t know if all inclusive actually means, "all-inclusive“ or if they might had to travel to the wedding etc.," one person added.

However, others think that it's not the guests responsibility to "pay them back."

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"People who expect guests to "refund" them the cost of their wedding are so gross to me. It's not an event you throw to 'break even'."

They continued by saying:

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"If you can't afford it and are banking on people paying you back with gifts, it's on you. Have a cheaper wedding," one person added.

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