14 DIY Fails I Just Finally Stopped Laughing At

Alicia D'Aversa

Amateur DIY folks have one very alarming thing in common: they’re incredibly overambitious.

They can look at a picture on the internet, imagine themselves as Bob the Builder, and get right to work without really understanding what they’re doing.

This leads to extreme fails like these 10+ DIY fails we can’t help but laugh at.

This TV installation

Oh, boy. Ever heard of a little thing called a stud finder?! It helps prevent a million holes in your wall like this one.

Let’s hope they own that house since the landlord won’t be too pleased to discover this!

This toilet installation

Privacy when you poop? Pfft, so last year. In the hustle and bustle of fixing their leaking toilet, this Reddit user installed their toilet with one key thing missing: moving the door.

“You'll be a bigger idiot if you remove the toilet instead of the door hinges,” one Redditor wrote.

This person who ran out of paint

Paint is kind of like pizza: you should always buy more than you think you’ll need.

Doing so helps prevent disasters like this. Instead of admiring their handywork, this person is left staring at their mistake until they make a trip to the store.

This accidental mini house

Remember Goldilocks and the Three Bears? Well, if that golden-curled little girl were to walk on these stairs, she would discover that it’s just “not right.”

It needed way less of an angle to let a person of average height walk up.

This laughable nail fail

Believe it or not, this person was trying to attempt the watercolor nail art. This is when you add nail polish to water to make a watercolor effect and dip your nails in to pick up the design. The end result is not that.

This person who walked on their painted floors too early

It feels weird to place a “paint is wet” sign in your own house, but this person clearly needed it. It could have prevented disasters painted feet from this Twitter user’s brain fart.

This person who accidentally created permanent stairs

You had one job! This fail proves why you should just pay for a plumber. On the brightside, they’ll never lose their stepladder or have it stolen (that is, unless the robbers have a screwdriver).

This failed microwave installation

At first glance, you’re sitting there admiring the nice microwave. But then, you look down and see what resulted from this Redditer deciding to forgo the $150 installation fee. That poor stove! Pizza it is for dinner, we guess.

This person who chose the wrong door size

That crack is about as large as what you see in public bathrooms, amirite?!

A DIY fail like this could have easily been solved had they just sized the door there beforehand. Or, you know, realized that doors aren't all the same size.

This collision of drawers

This one is hella frustrating but also hilarious. It's kind of like when two people who are both wrong try to argue with each other over something silly.

In the end, both are getting nowhere.

This DIY nail fail

If you ever want to feel better about your inability to paint your own nails, this fail is it. It’s the very opposite of “nailed it.”

While they had the pink polish, white dots, and black outline, the messy application ruined it.

This open concept bedroom

Nothing says romance quite like this! Instead of parting from your beau to use the washroom in the middle of the night, they can wake up and witness you on the crapper. Ah, love. It really is so sweet.

This toilet puzzle

How does this happen?! A lightbulb should've gone off at some point that this is very wrong.

The end result is pretty gross since the person sitting on this toilet will practically fall in from sitting on the rim.

This paint job

While you’d think that removing clothes before painting would be common sense, that isn’t always the case.

This person forgot this important step that would’ve only taken a second. Let’s hope stripes were in fashion that year...

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