Just More Weird And Awkward Celebrity Encounters Because There Are So Many

Many people dream about the day they met a celebrity.

They imagine themselves being cool, calm, and collected and even being invited into their entourage.

pops dream bubble. Sorry, that doesn't always happen! Most of the time, you're so starstruck that you can't even get a word out.

Or you find yourself in an extremely awkward encounter like these folks!

1. John Legend

When Twitter user @msashton met John Legend when they were in college, they made a legendary mistake.

They accidentally knocked his brand-new Blackberry out of his hands and underneath a car in the busy New York streets.

2. Charlie Puth

"My cousin and I went out to eat one night at a fancy hotel restaurant the night before we were to attend a Charlie Puth concert. Somehow his hairstyle came up in conversation, and we just straight-up trashed it. When we got up to leave, we realized he had been sitting at the table next to us the entire time! Needless to say we did not get a picture with him!" - chloeannh3

3. Taylor Swift

It's hard to imagine an awkward moment between Taylor and her swifties, but it happened!

After stalking Taylor in Target, the singer told this Buzzfeed community member, "'Hi? You know you can talk to me if you want?" A failed handshake happened after that.

4. Hailey Bieber

"Last summer, I met Hailey Bieber. There were around five other people who wanted a photo with her, yet for some reason, I decided that I had to go first. So, as Hailey was putting her arm around another person, I glided into her arm from behind and pushed the other person out of the way. She was shocked and asked, 'Did you just cut that person off?' I said yes, took the photo with her, and ran away." - ellenives1

5. Adam Sandler

Since the actor likes to dress casually, it's difficult for fans to always recognize him.

So when he showed up at an IHOP randomly one time, he was turned away since the hostess didn't recognize him.

6. Eddie Murphy

"I met these two girls at a hotel pool when I was 11. We played together, and after a few hours, they asked, 'Do you want to meet our dad?' I was a little confused but I said sure. They walked me to this private cabana and inside was Eddie Murphy! I didn't know what to say, so I just blurted out, 'Donkeeey!' in reference to his iconic role in Shrek. After a moment of silence, he started to chuckle." -youraveragebuzzfeedreader

7. Maren Morris

Imagine for a moment the embarrassment that would come from accidentally taking a celeb's sandwich.

Well, that happened to this one girl who mistook "Maren" for "Lauren" at Starbucks. Cue to Maren saying, "that's my sandwich."

8. Colbie Caillait

"I worked at a hotel Starbucks and Colbie Caillait's song 'Bubbly' came on the playlist. I made a comment to the customer at the register about how I couldn't stand that song/her music in general. Turns out, it was her mom. The tour bus that was parked outside? It was Colbie's. They'd all stayed in that hotel the night before. I was mortified." - eisleyfan27

9. Elijah Wood

"I was at Austin’s Trail of Lights in Texas a few years back and realized that Elijah Wood and his friends were behind me in the crowd. Trying to not be obvious, I turned around to sneak a peek and ended up hitting him. The eye contact for that second was excruciating." - bayleighd

10. Prince William

There was awkward timing when Twitter user @rairai__po got blood work done the same day the royal was visiting kids with cancer at the hospital.

When he shook her hand and asked what's wrong with her, she said, "ummm I have eczema."

11. Justin Bieber

"I live in Stratford, Ontario, where Justin Bieber grew up. Once when I was 8, my family and I went to Walmart, and I jumped on a cart and rode it like a scooter, as I always did. But this time, I was going around a corner and accidentally hit Justin Bieber with my cart. Whoopsie." - myahf3

12. Bill Nye

"I had Bill Nye burst into my elevator at the airport. 'Will this get me to the D gates!?' 'Uh, no, this is domestics only.' 'OK Thanks!' And out he jumped. To this day I'll never know if Bill Nye the Science guy made his flight." -u/tezoatlipoca

13. Ciara

Twitter user @Frictionn_ was caught in the middle of an awkward moment when their fellow hostess, with their back turned, said, "just grab a menu and sit this fake Ciara."

Imagine the shock when she turned around and it was the REAL singer.

14. Stevie Wonder

"One time at LAX, I was shocked to see one of my musical idols walk past me and all I could do was wave to him. It was Stevie Wonder. His security laughed at me. Worth it." - n435b6a72f

15. Leonardo DiCaprio

"I was invited as a guest to the NYC premiere of Body of Lies. When Leonardo DiCaprio made his way onto the red carpet, I snapped pic after pic. He whispered to the security guard and walked away. Security came up to me and said, 'The gentleman asks that the blonde girl aggressively taking pictures please stop.'" - jacquelinea11

16. Nick Cannon

Twitter user @alwaysdesi's uncle called them when they met the star.

They responded, "why would I wanna talk to nick cannon I do not like nick cannon!” Here's the most awkward part: Nick heard them!

17. Lauren Conrad

"I went to see Lauren Conrad at her book signing in Milwaukee. I was so nervous that when she was signing my book, I blurted out, 'How’s Kristin?' (Kristin Cavallari and LC have a long-running feud). She just awkwardly smiled and signed my book. I was so embarrassed that I took my picture with her and left." - raquel2e

18. Tom Hanks

When Twitter user, @MatthewBegbie, met Tom Hanks, the Oscar-winning actor asked him how long he has worked at SNL.

Since talking to a mega-celeb is nerve-wracking, he accidentally replied, "Since the beginning of the semen... I mean season" and turned beet red.

Thankfully, Tom was such a good sport about it!

"Just as I thought 'Now I have to go home and kill myself' he replied, 'Matthew! That was so awkward it made me sperm! I mean SQUIRM!'" Gotta love Tom.