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Awkward Wedding Moments People Will Never Forget

If you've been to your fair share of weddings, there's a good chance that you've seen some things...

Things like the bride being a total bridezilla or the groom secretly kissing a bridesmaid. Some couples even sing their vows to each other... we'll need an emergency therapy appointment for that one.

So if you're ready for it, here are 10+ awkward wedding moments people will never forget!

The music mishap.

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When you think of walking down the aisle, romantic songs come to mind.

Not "Despacito"! Yet, that's what happened to this one bride who had that song play instead of Christina Perri.

The haggling father.


Working at a banquet hall isn't an easy gig.

One Redditor saw the owner lock himself in his office to hide from a father who was threatening to haggle about the cost of the wedding.

The Nascar wedding.

"Long ago I worked at a banquet hall and witnessed a fully NASCAR themed wedding. During the reception they played the audio of the proposal going out over the PA at the track. It was fully unintelligible. BZZT GABBAGBGA MRRRY MEZZZZZ RROOOOOWWWVROOOM." - neverzen

One fiery veil.


There's never a good time for an accidental fire.

This fact stands even more so during a wedding. Yet, this bride had her veil set on fire when she was lighting the unity candle.

The redneck wedding.

"In-laws wedding and groom and all groomsmen were wearing a tux and a ball cap. The groom had a dip of tobacco in during the wedding and I [expletive] you not. His grooms cake was designed like a Copenhagen can." - Redditor AndrewLBailey

The forgotten ring.

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Gollum from Lord of the Rings never would have forgotten a ring so precious. But this bride did! She had to motion for her parents to grab it during the middle of the ceremony.

The awkward speech.

"My uncle not only brought up his daughters ex boyfriend in his speech but talked about their toxic relationship for a solid 5 minutes. I highly recommend preparing a speech before talking in front of a room full of people." - Redditor Kyla

The wrong name.

With all eyes on you, there is a lot of pressure that comes with weddings. So much so that one groom forgot his own name during the vows! To be fair, he has three middle names, five names in total, so it makes sense. Still awkward, though!

The cheap wedding.

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"Potluck wedding with no alcohol or music. Groom kept showing people his flask and bragging about it. Macaroni was only redeemable thing, when i went to scoop there was hair in it. Very sad." - Redditor IcedCoffeeAndBeer

The sweaty bride.

One bride danced her wedding night away. As a result, she was basically drenched when she said goodbye to her guests. For those who didn't hear her warning to stay back, they recoiled when they touched her wet back. shivers

The sneaky officiant.


"The minister (or pastor?) used to date the bride and gushed about how wonderful she was. Told the groom if he ever died not to worry, he'd take care of her. I was shell shocked." - Redditor sunsetviewer

The accidental spill.

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For how much wedding dresses cost, you want to treat them like gold. So one new husband found himself in the dog house at his wedding when he accidentally spilled a glass of red wine on his new bride's dress.

The drunk bride.


"The bride got drunk and sat on some other dudes lap for two hours and flirted with him while the groom sat by himself at the head table with a defeated look on his face." - Redditor Samhamwitch

The perfume spritz.

"The bride had a large bottle of her favorite perfume and sprayed each guest with it - female and male, whether they wanted it or not - as they entered the banquet hall. Some guests complained that the smell of perfume was so strong that they lost their appetite and couldn't partake of the banquet." - Redditor Back2Bach

Two words: singing vows.

"Neither had a singing voice. Vows were generally bat [expletive] crazy, like submissive in the bedroom, and not asking about where she was going. The autotune microphones were a terrible idea. Their vow songs shared a chorus and it was awful and they expected the guests to sing along with the chorus. The vows singing lasted 20 minutes. Pure cringe." - Redditor loony-cat

The bitter pastor.

You'll want to choose your pastor wisely after reading this story.

This Redditor shared that when their pastor found out that they had had sex before marriage, he made sure to point that out during the ceremony!

The singing bride.

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"The bride decided to sing as she walked down the aisle. She was not a particularly talented singer, and she was singing over a Carrie Underwood song so we could all hear the original vocal track." - Redditor reflectorvest

The potluck wedding.

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We get that weddings can be expensive.

But that shouldn't be an excuse to completely cheap out, like this couple did.

They asked guests to bring all the food and then charged people a dollar to dance with the bride...

Someone has a hit on grandma.

"When I was at a wedding of my parents friends, the groom tried to throw a decently sized piece of cake at the bride who moved out of the way, the cake ended up hitting my 76 year old grandma. We all had a good laugh. But we were all cringing at the same time at the missed cake attempt." - Redditor airsoftrules1