In True William Shatner Fashion, He Shut Down A Fan Who Tried To Call Him Out

William Shatner has no patience for trolls.

In the past, he has been known to shut them down — quick. Like the time he told off a troll who was upset over his dislike for the Star Wars franchise.

Most recently, he called out a fan who said that he ignored them. When you see this post, you'll quickly learn that he had EVERY right to do so.

On July 7, a fan by the username @misterfantasea tweeted a picture of the *Star Trek* actor driving with a Bluetooth device in his ear.

"Dead [expletive] drove passes @WilliamShatner yesterday [epxletive] wouldn’t look at me," they tweeted.

Only problem was, that wasn't William Shatner — and the *real* one certainly set him straight.

"Hey Craycray! This isn’t me," the 90-year-old wrote. "I don’t own a car like that. Get to the opthamologist, Dawg - you need glasses."

For an extra roast, he said that the guy was right to ignore him since he seems like a real, well, butt.

People were totally on William's side. "DAMN! Shatner just burned you bad! hahaha!" one wrote. "Admiral Kirk strikes again," added another.

People couldn't understand how the mix-up even happened.

"Doesn’t even remotely look like you," tweeted this user, while another joked, "I passed you in a blimp yesterday in nepal and you didnt even wave!"

So, ladies and gents, what's the lesson we learned today? Don't come for William unless you're absolutely sure it's him.