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People Who Quit Their Job On The First Day Had Really Good Points

Your first day at a new job is supposed to be an exciting time.

You set your alarm clock, picked out your outfit the night before, and gave yourself a much-needed pep talk during breakfast.

Unfortunately, a lot of that might be thrown out the window once you're thrown into the chaos. Here, you might discover monster bosses, unsafe conditions, and so much more.

With stories like these, it's no wonder these 10+ said "I'm outta here!" on their first day.

The paid training.


At this Redditor's first job at a drive-in restaurant, she was told that she had to pay the owner $50 for training.

She was also told that she and four other girls would have to spend four hours cleaning her house one day a week. WTF?

The gut feeling.

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"It was a small independent insurance agency in 2006. My first day there the owner said, 'email and fax were strictly forbidden,' as he only ‘believed in’ communication in person, by phone, or through mail. Left for lunch and never went back. I couldn’t imagine the inefficiency I’d have dealt with had I stayed." - u/uno_the_duno

A crappy situation.

Working at EB Games is a dream job for many. However, that quickly turned into a nightmare when a homeless man went number two on the store's carpet.

Instead of cleaning it up, the boss WAITED until the Redditor came back from lunch to clean it up.

The road runner.

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"When I burned my hands all night on the too hot plates as a food runner. They wouldn't let me use towels to carry them and said I just had to get used to it. Nope." - u/NorCalKerry

BYOT (Bring Your Own Tools).

When this Redditor accepted a job as a landscape architect, he assumed that they'd supply the tools. But nope; he was told to dig a hole through hard, rocky soil with his bare hands.

The unsafe working conditions.

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"I was 17 and working Pre-cast concrete. Refused to use a rusted to [expletive] ladder. Supervisor called me a [expletive], got up about 7 rungs before his foot went through one, heard his foot snap as he fell. I called an ambulance and walked to my car in the parking lot." - u/ContributionRoutine

The horrible boss.

A new employee won't get too far without adequate training or a helpful manager. Sadly, this Redditor missed out on both, which led them to quit on the first day from horrible treatment.

The lack of breaks.

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"On the first day of working at Amazon warehouse the managers broke down to everyone how a 15 minute break works there. Walking to the break room is 2 1/2 minutes. 10 minutes of actual break and then 2 1/2 minutes to go back to your stations. It took me 2 1/2 minutes to walk to my car and I took a forever break." - u/teamfaysal

The pest-y problem.

"Restaurant. Swept under my station when we were closing. Giant brown pile came out with broom from under low-boy fridge. Pile began to scatter. It was hundreds of roaches. Never returned." - u/Chefdingo

The shady politician.

One Redditor was so excited when they landed what was supposed to be a prestigious political internship that came with a security clearance. What was it really? Forty to sixty hours per week of unpaid work.

The unhygienic workplace.

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"It was a sandwich shop in college. I got the flu before my first day, told them I was sick, they said come in anyway it's just training. Then they had me making sandwiches, no gloves, runny nose, coughing and everything. I left in under an hour and didn't eat there again." - u/NotForrestGump

The live-in nanny.

It's already a known fact that nannies don't get treated the best. One Redditor was asked to be a live-in nanny for a couple's six-month-old AND a housekeeper for barely any pay or time off.

The cheap workplace.

One Redditor wrote that they were out the moment they saw that the microwave in the lunch room was coin activiated. WTF! If a workplace skimps on that, what else are they skimping on?!

The confusing position.

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"I was hired to be a waitress, which has a lower hourly wage due to tips. The entire shift they had me wash dishes in the sink, but paid me waitress wages. A few months later the restaurant was investigated for a number of fraud activity." - u/yellowchaitea

The unpaid job.

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Not paying your employees for their work is pretty much the lowest of the low.

It's what happened on this person's first day at Five Guys. They were told to clock out at 10:30 and then continue closing until midnight.

The meeting.


"When at the daily meeting a manager said if they found out who put a paper bag with human excrement in a employees locker..." - u/pakito1234. This does NOT set a good precedence. Time to run!

The swindler.


Discovering that your new "job" is a scam is the WORST.

Unfortunately, it's what happened to this Redditor who showed up to her first day of work only to discover that her "marketing" job was actually a door-to-door salesman job.

The creep.

"Gas station. The manager gave me a weird vibe. I made it through the first day but didn't go back.. Found out later he cornered another girl in the back of the store and she had to fight her way out. Trust your gut." - u/Draegyn123

Shared tips based on seniority.

This is a huge NOPE for many people, including this Redditor.

It basically takes away the incentive to work hard since new people are always given the short end of the stick.