Disney Fans Can Look Forward To Some Changes For Their 50th Anniversary

This coming October marks a very special occasion in the history of Disney World theme park. Starting from the 1st and continuing on for another 18 months, Disney World will be celebrating its 50th-anniversary.

It goes without saying that this is an incredible milestone. So in order to help kick off the celebration in style, Disney has announced a few upcoming big changes that they plan to make in order to commemorate the event.

The first big change guests will notice is that Cinderella's Castle has had a makeover.

Unsplash | Kitera Dent

Last year, during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Cinderella's Castle received a beautiful new pink and blue paint job.

This year, in order to help commemorate the historic 50-year anniversary, her castle will also be draped in gold ornate ribbons, beaming blue banners, as well as a giant 50th-anniversary sign.

On top of that, an assortment of sparkling lights will be fitted around the castle, in order to represent Pixie dust.

Some of you're favorite characters will be rocking a new wardrobe to mark the occasion.

Unsplash | Carolina Boyadjian

Mickey and Minnie Mouse have been wearing the same clothes (for the most part) for over 65 years.

And while it's true that nobody pulls off red shorts and white gloves quite like everyone's favorite mouse — the time has come for a change.

You only turn 50 once, after all, and Mickey has decided to go formal with a purple and blue suit. Minnie will be wearing a matching shimmering dress, complete with gold shoes and bow.

Looking outside the Magic Kingdom, several other attractions will be turned into whimsical light displays.

Located at Hollywood Studios is everyone's favorite Disney thrill-ride, The Tower of Terror. This normally eerie-looking hotel will be transformed into a colorful kaleidoscope that can be seen for miles.

In a similar vein, the Tree of Life at the Animal Kingdom will become adorned with thousands of magical fireflies that light up at night, giving off the impression that the tree is in fact, alive.

Not only that, but the Animal Kingdom is also planning to unveil a brand new daytime event.

Unsplash | Kyle DeSantis

The working title is "Disney KiteTails," and the plan is to have the show running several times throughout the day at the Discovery River Amphitheatre:

"Performers will fly windcatchers and kites of all shapes and sizes, while out on the water elaborate three-dimensional kites – some stretching to 30 feet long – will depict Disney animal friends, including Simba, Zazu, Baloo and King Louie," Disney World has confirmed.

The only bad thing about all of these incredible new changes is that they aren't permanent.

I can understand why Disney World may be hesitant to permanently revamp a ride like The Tower of Terror, but the twinkling fireflies inside the Tree of Life actually sound like a really great idea.

But according to Disney World reps, the only permanent changes that are coming to the park are the new light displays being added to Spaceship Earth, located at Epcot Center.

Speaking of Epcot, there will be a new nighttime event known as "Harmonius."

Unsplash | Brian McGowan

"Harmonious" is rumored to be one of the greatest and biggest spectacles ever created for a Disney theme park. According to disneyparks.com, "This new show will bring the globe together at World Showcase Lagoon in a celebration of Disney music that inspires people worldwide."

The show will consist of more than 240 different musicians, and classic Disney songs will be sung in a number of different languages for all to hear.

Finally, to close out the evening, Disney World has a brand new fireworks display in store for us all.

The New Show will be called "Disney Enchantment" and its aim is to get children of all ages to believe in magic. It will feature new music, enhanced lighting techniques, as well as towering and immersive video projections that will cascade from the top of the castle down to the audience below.

Will you be visiting Disney World theme park in order to help celebrate their 50th-anniversary? Leave a comment below and let us know!