Tap Into Your Inner '90s Kid With A Crochet Beaded Lizard

The '90s may be long gone but they will forever live on in our hearts — at least, as a former '90s kid that's how I feel.

I'm sure many of you who grew up during this iconic decade remember the essentials: Disney movies on VHS, cereal that had no nutritional value, and shows on Nickelodeon that were borderline terrifying.

When it came to arts and crafts, though, there was one that simply defined the decade. And that, my friends, was the beaded lizard keychain.

Chances are if you grew up in the '90s, you made a few beaded lizards in your day.

Why we were so obsessed with using gimp and pony beads to make these critters, I'll never know. That being said, I basically had a zoo's worth of these keychains on my bag in middle school and I'm not ashamed to admit that.

Now crocheters are tapping into this long lost art form with their own take.

Etsy store Luckymermaidcrochet is selling a crochet pattern that lets you crochet your own beads and then weave them together into the iconic beaded lizard keychain.

Obviously, this is the perfect excuse to break out the neon yarn.

Tap into your inner '90s child and go wild picking the colors for this fun project. To be honest, I'm wondering why we ever did away with neon pink and lime green. Bring these colors back!

Reviewers have been raving about this pattern.

Besides loving the hit of nostalgia, many reviewers said the pattern is very easy and perfect for beginners. I've never crocheted but I did make hundreds of these lizards back in the day, so I'm feeling pretty confident I could take this on.

If you're wanting to crochet your own beaded lizard, be sure to get the pattern at Luckymermaidcrochet