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As It Turns Out, Stories From Employees Show We All Have Shady Coworkers

If you thought your workplace was bad, think again.

Thanks to the internet, we've read stories from people who have to deal with a lot more than just annoying co-workers or office gossips.

Some workplaces have some seriously shady employees who lie, cheat, steal, and throw anyone under the bus just to get ahead.

Come read these 10+ stories below.

The gross revenge.

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Sports team rivalry took a disgusting turn when this person's fast food co-worker got revenge on a customer/player from an opposing team.

They were recovering from a cold and spit a gross green glob of saliva on the person's food.

The so-called work bestie.

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"My work best friend, another nurse, tried to get me fired for not finishing a routine, non-essential nursing task while I was short-staffed and training a new nurse one day (and taking care of patients, charting, answering phone calls, calling in med refills, etc) at a busy inner-city clinic." - Redditor deleted

The expensive affair.

One Buzzfeed community member worked at a place where one of the sales managers and the head of HR racked up $60,000 corporate cards to pay for their affair. They were both fired and arrested.

The credit mooch.


"He would constantly horn in on other people’s projects, getting his name added to them to make it look like he was doing [expletive] when he actually not. If people tried to assign him any work on said project he would have 'a personal emergency.'" - Redditor NotSoTinyUrl

The snoop.

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When you discover that your co-worker forgot to log out of their email on a shared computer, the last thing you should do is invade their privacy.

Enter this person worked with someone who read the emails out loud!

The reseller.

This Buzzfeed community member had a co-worker who was selling unsold rooms to people through Backpage and pocketing the money. They got away with it until one of the "guests' overstayed and asked for something.

The credit check.

"I used to work at a popular department store, and the manager would have the employees apply for several of the store's credit cards every day in order to meet the store's quota." - brad0105

The sabotager.


When this Redditor asked a co-worker to add raw data for a profile report, they purposely gave them the wrong data. This backfired on them, though, as the boss figured it out and gave the Redditor a promotion. Karma!

The rollar coaster ride.

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"I caught a guy stealing from the amusement park we worked at! He would take used tickets out of the trash, give them to guests at our cash register like we just printed them, then pocket the cash." - Anonymous

The Wolf on Wall Street.

When this Redditor noticed that a new guy in sales was doing extremely well, they did some digging to discover the reason why: he was embezzling thousands of dollars. At least he made quota?

The pizza thief.

"When I worked for a worldwide pizza chain, a coworker would manually write down orders paid for with cash instead of including them in the point of sale system. She would then pocket the cash." - daniellet4e464cff0

The baby blues.

Unsplash | Aditya Romansa

Most new mothers have their jobs to return to after maternity leave.

But one boss gave a new mom the baby blues when he fired her secretly two weeks into maternity leave. He claimed "undue hardship" to fall under the Family Leave Act rules.

The dangling carrot.

This next story will give you major Stanley Tucci in The Devil Wears Prada vibes.

After this Redditor's co-worker worked tirelessly to earn the promotion she was promised, it was passed to someone else much less deserving. This was even after she gave up a better job for them.

The Christmas present.

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"My boss and co-founder of the company went out for lunch. About five minutes after he left, the other co-founder and his new business partner walked into the office with a lock smith and some IT guy. They changed all the locks and reset my boss's passwords and made us sign documents acknowledging that boss no longer worked there. Also, it was two weeks before Christmas." - Redditor Blossberto

The social network.

"I caught a coworker printing out the social security numbers for a whole population of one of our biggest clients. Like, HELLO! You don’t need that. Time for a firing and a fraud investigation." - lausty

Thrown under the bus.


When this Redditor's boss was getting flack from their boss, they blamed them for everything.

When the boss gave the Redditor a deadline to complete, the Redditor submitted it early. But since the boss didn't get to it until after the deadline, they said it was late. WTF?!

The cheater.

"My boss was required to get a master’s degree in order to keep her management position. She openly bragged to employees that she paid someone $1,500 to take her statistics class for her after she failed her first attempt. This was at a university medical center." - Anonymous

The bad teacher.

This Buzzfeed community member shared that they caught a teacher at the school they worked at going through students' lunch boxes and stealing food.

They probably go through the fridge in the teachers' lounge, too.

The expired goods.

Unsplash | Calle Macarone

"An associate team leader at our grocery store tried to pass expired soups as fresh. I investigated and found the packages showing the dates. I reported it, and unfortunately they weren’t disciplined AT ALL. Customers could have gotten sick! A few weeks later, that same associate got caught falsifying temp logs and was finally fired!" - melialexander