20 Pictures That Captured The Collective Attention Of The Internet

I've never posted something online that's gone viral. So I have no idea what it feels like for these people, who have at least garnered a great deal of attention for their internet pics. But it must've felt pretty good.

Sometimes it's luck, and other times it's because it's something people want to see, but when the stars align like they have for these pics, you're going to see a lot of people clamoring over them.

"My grandfather is an artist and likes to contrast old fashioned symbols with modern ones."

That's some pretty cool artwork. I'm not an art expert so I have no idea what it's supposed to mean, but if thousands of people online (including myself) think it's cool, then that's got to be good enough.

I kind of want to know if that giant QR code works, though.

"(1999) A couple dividing their Beanie Babies as part of their divorce settlement."

To be fair, though, Beanie Babies are collector's items. People were buying them back in the day, knowing that they would probably go for a lot more in a few years. This was probably an investment.

At the same time, I kind of feel bad for the people in the courtroom who had to sit there and watch this.

"I drew this 3D dinosaur at a chalk festival yesterday."

You can't sit there and tell me that's not a 3D dinosaur statue. It looks so realistic! It even has images reflecting off it. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying this is some of the most impressive artwork out there.

"Now you know how it feels like!"

I know that dogs lick us as a sign of love and admiration, but it's still kind of odd. Like, do they expect us to do the same to them? Apparently, not, since it looks like this pup is having none of its owner returning the favor.

"I restored a 115 year old photo of JRR Tolkien's wife, Edith Tolkien."

It's the fact that this photo is over a century old that wows me. It's just so weird, seeing someone who lived an entire life long before your own parents were even born.

I wonder if this is what it'll be like a hundred years from now, when people find our old pictures, long after we'd taken them.

"Me: 'What type of ceiling fan did you want?' Wife: 'it’s a fan you can’t screw that up.'"

Interior design just isn't for everyone. I'd probably throw a fit if I came home and saw something like this in any room. The only exception would be a kid's room, but even then, that ceiling fan would be walking on thin ice.

"Telo Island. The wondrous place."

I can't get over how gorgeous this view is! Even with all the clouds in the sky, it's, like, a perfect day. This looks like the most relaxing vacation destination. It makes me want to drop everything and book the first flight to literally any tropical beach.

"Went a bit mad putting in the details. Took me 3.5 weeks to finish this painting."

One time, I painted a beach in high school. It, uh, didn't really turn out that well.

This painting, on the other hand, is so realistic, it almost doesn't look like a painting! The trees, the water, even the way the rocks on the cliff have variation in them. So impressive!


I can't help but wonder why that sign is there. Is the street called Moon? Does it lead to a place where you can look at the moon easily? Did whoever put the sign there know that the moon would come up from behind the mountain in that exact spot? Really cool, though.

"The price of wood is getting out of control."

Sigh. The price of wood has been going up and up, ever since a certain global event shut the lumber mills down for a few weeks. Hopefully wood prices will go down eventually, because this is starting to get a little ridiculous.

"The top of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt."

For starters, this is a really impressive angle. This picture must've been taken with a drone, which would've had to get straight above the pyramid in order to capture the top.

I've never known what the top of a pyramid looks like, but now I do. Pretty cool if you ask me.

"I work at Waffle House in Mississippi, my view every night."

The flat land leading to what looks like a body of water is cool enough. But the reflections of the lights from inside the Waffle House take this view to a whole other level. This looks like another planet, like one from a sci-fi movie where they have, like, 12 moons or something.

"She’s got a secret."

I don't get it, it's just a picture of a girl on a train— oh wait, there's a kitten in her jacket! I wonder if she's actually trying to covertly sneak that tiny cat somewhere, of if they're just out and about and she's keeping it warm or something.

"I spent 36 hours on the train yesterday to get off at a very specific location."

This is one of those things you kind of have to post to Reddit. And if you see a post like this on Reddit, you kind of have to upvote it. And, seeing as this image received a lot of attention on the site, it worked.

"Came across this picture and I thought it looked familiar."

This is probably one of those stock artworks they put on canvases and sell at home goods stores. I guess they also put images like these on lighters. Still, though, what are the odds of finding the exact picture that's on your lighter?

"A sneaky whale pops up behind sightseers as they look the wrong way."

Imagine spending time looking for whales, only for one to show up behind you. I wonder if it's come to say hi.

Also, it might just be the perspective of the shot, but that whale looks like it's really close to the boat.

"I captured an 85 megapixel photo of our moon last night. Zoom in to properly experience it!"

Sometimes, I wish I was good at photography so that I could take pictures of the moon, just to look at it. Luckily, I don't have to be, because there are people out there who take seriously impressive pictures of the moon and share them with the world. Like this one. So amazing!

"People gathered around a lava flow in Iceland."

I've always hated how lava looks, because it has the texture of burned marshmallows. But I know for a fact it would probably light me on fire if I got too close to it. The people watching this lava flow are a lot braver than I could ever be.

"Perfectly timed roman candle shot."

This is one of those shots that you definitely couldn't duplicate. The fact that the entire trail of the roman candle was captured in the first place is super impressive. The way it's turned the street red is also really cool.

"I'm inside Windows XP."

This is wild! I don't think this is the actual place where the iconic Windows XP background image was taken, but it looks pretty darn close. Even down to the bright blue skies.