Bridezilla Rages After 3D Printer Won't Do $3,000 Job For Free As A Wedding Gift

For most of us, we'll find that we're at our most irritable and unapproachable when we're stressed. Since we're just trying to get through the day and it's suddenly way harder than usual to do that, we'll often find that we'll be shorter with people than usual.

And since it's hard to think of a more stressful activity than planning a wedding, it perhaps shouldn't be so surprising that those at the center of these plans would start to wear their stress on their sleeves.

But while that may explain why stories of "bridezillas" are so common, we can often find that people who fit this category are more than just a little rude. While that can be explained by stress, that's less true of the greed and entitlement that people often report from bridezillas they have to deal with.

And for one person who makes custom 3D prints, that's exactly the kind of experience that one such bride had in store for him.

Following a recommendation from a friend, a bride contacted the printer about little custom wheelbarrows he was giving out to guests at his own wedding.

But while he was willing to make some for her, he warned her that they're both time-consuming to make (about 30 of them still had to be made) and would get expensive if she wanted them distributed to all of her guests.

And indeed, she was looking to have about 250 of them made.

And once the printer learned this, he informed the bride that it would likely take 2 months to make them all, which would normally be about a $3,000 job.

However, since this was clearly a very special bulk order, he was willing to drop the price to $2,000.

But this wasn't good enough for the bride, who asked for a deal on them despite the fact that he was already willing to give her one.

As the conversation went on, however, it soon became clear what kind of deal she had in mind.

The most she seemed willing to pay was $100 but she really wanted the printer to make them for her for free. That way, she could just consider it a wedding gift.

Clearly, this wasn't going to work out for the printer, who broke down the cost of the resin, printing time, and maintenance to the printer.

He also reminded the bride that while he's printing her wheelbarrows, the printers can't be used for anything else so he'd be burning a $3,000+ hole in his pocket and losing revenue if he agreed to her terms.

But even after this exchange started to turn ugly, the printer was still willing to negotiate.

If she was so confident that she could get her order done cheaper elsewhere, he was willing to make one model for $25 that someone else could mass produce.

He was also willing to give her some free colored lithographs like the one you see here made from her wedding photos. And this is something he was actually prepared to do for free as a wedding gift.

However, this still wasn't good enough for the bride, who still wanted the whole project done for free as a wedding gift.

She threatened to badmouth him to the friend who recommended him, to which he replied that it's unlikely that this would affect his relationship with who he revealed as his best friend for whose child he's the godfather.

And finally, he made it abundantly clear that the bride wouldn't get what she wanted from him.

As he said, "No, it's too expensive, it takes too long. I can't have a printer down for that long. I also don't even know you, I didn't get an invite to your wedding."

And once she sent her final, expletive-laden response, he said the price was now $4,718 if she changed her mind.

There's nothing like talking yourself out of a fair deal.

h/t: Reddit | Leviathan41911

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