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Stories Proving That Some People Truly Didn't Care If They Were Fired

Many people work in jobs or positions that eventually, they grow unhappy with. While some jobs are amazing and bosses can be supportive, there are many people who undergo harsh treatments and toxic work environments in their life.

So much so that they really would rather get fired than have to stay there any longer. Some people in that position have been sharing their stories on Reddit, proving that some jobs are better left behind.

Some bosses don't respect family or problems.

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One Reddit user said her step-dad was sick with cancer in the hospital, and she got a call to go and say goodbye.

"When I rushed out the back to tell them I had to go, this bloke looks at me, a crying, frightened,16yr old girl, and told me I had to stop doing this, and get my priorities right."

No flexibility for personal life? No thanks.

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One Reddit user said they had a surgery scheduled they had waited 5 or 6 years for, and their boss said that week "wouldn't work" because three other employees were off that week.

Luckily, the boss was in the process of being replaced.

Unrealistic expectations can be a killer.

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"Had a boss who told me I had three days to get a project done. Said project consisted of building 180 displays on pallets. Each display took 40 minutes to build. Doing the math it would have taken five days if I didn’t take any breaks or sleep or eat," one person said.

Vacation time is vacation time.

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Another Reddit user shared that they kept getting calls while on a family vacation about things that had already been set and taken care of before they left.

He was told he'd get fired if he hung up on the phone, while on his vacation.

Some companies don't care about emergencies, either.

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One Reddit user said that their company didn't care enough.

"My brother and sister in law just lost their son. At birth. They lived down south and I live on west coast. HR said FMLA doesn’t cover sibling emergencies. Just parents and grandparents. I was also two weeks from being off my new hire probation period."

This one is painful.

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A Reddit user shared that their father had just had a heart attack and went to speak to their boss at work, who replied that because it was "inventory day" everyone had to stay and work no matter what.

Instead, they left to be with their father.

Some managers make people work when they're even injured!

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"My manager had me come in on Super Bowl Sunday by myself, with a broken foot. Didn't even try helping me but insisted I pick up the pace on grilling corn, frying chips, making all of the hot foods such as beans/meats, etc. She would get mad and yell at me for walking slow to each of the stations," one Reddit user said.

Some beliefs get pushed too far.

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A teacher shared that they confided in their principal/boss that they were struggling with depression, only to be told that "depression is a spiritual problem," and that she needed to solve it on her own.

She was shocked and told him in a letter how much it bothered her.

Holidays don't matter to some bosses.

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"My boss once told me that I have to come in to the office the next day, which was a PUBLIC HOLIDAY, because we needed to clear out the office storage unit. He said that we can't afford to take time out of work days for that task," another shared online.

This is just terrible.

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A Reddit user shared that "oral sex" is not part of their job nor their job description (in an oil company, no less) and no matter what, it wasn't going to happen.

Turns out, the guy had gotten fired and went to jail, not for the pervy stuff, but for "active corruption."

No job pays enough to do dirty work.

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"Someone wrecked the men’s restroom. Shat in the urinal, rubbed shit all over the wall. The manager came out and told me to clean it. I refused. She threatened to fire me, to which I laughed in her face," a Reddit user shared.

Some moves are major.

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One person said that they requested PTO for a two-week trip to Europe with their friend but, their boss said no.

Their friend ended up passing two weeks before the trip, so they decided to go on the trip "in memory" of their friend instead.

Priorities are priorities.

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"My wife was attacked, was in surgery when I got called about it. I was less than 10 miles away. Got told: Finish the run (9 hours), then go see her, you can't help her anyway.

Parked a Semi/trailer in the back lot of the hospital, told them to page me for the keys," one husband shared.

This hurts.

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"I was a manager at McDonald's when my mother passed away. It was sudden and unexpected. My boss called me the morning after and asked me when I'd be back. I said I wasn't sure, but he wouldn't back down and made me give him a date right then," a Reddit user shared.

The pettiness is real.

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"When after 20 years working my [explicit] off. They started timing our bathroom breaks. I have never been completely and totally done with anything that much before," one person shared on Reddit.

Timing bathroom breaks? That seems a bit insane to me!