Wholesome Celebrities Really Do Exist, According To The People Who've Met Them

Thanks to a rare group of celebrities, we know that good exists in Hollywood. They love giving back to their fans in whatever way they can.

Case in point: Reddit users took to this thread to share their wholesome celebrity encounters.

From celebrities paying for dinners to helping comfort a person's sick grandmother, these are a must-read!

Adam Sandler

This Redditor would see the actor at the hospital frequently since their grandmother was undergoing chemo treatments at the same time as his father.

Adam would comfort the grandmother by rubbing her back and reassuring her. So sweet!

Keanu Reeves

"Was at coffee shop and no place to sit, a man said please join me here. I sat and realized it was him and talked about comic books for about 30 min. Normal as can be." - Redditor deleted

Tom Hanks

"Was at a friends wedding at the Wynn in Las Vegas and were taking pictures in the Atrium (also the VIP Entrance). He emerged from the double doors behind our group and said 'Hey! Is this a wedding? Can I be in the pictures?] Everyone was quite pissed off until we realized it was Tom-[expletive]-Hanks. He took pictures with the whole group and was a general all around great guy." - Redditor j jbibby

Nick Offerman

He may look like Grumpy Cat, but he's actually super nice.

When he took a picture with a Redditor in a wheelchair, he knelt down to the ground. When he said you don't have to do that, Nick said, "son you should make everyone take a knee for you."

Ryan Gosling

"Ryan Gosling paid for my parking on Hollywood Blvd once. We had parked in the same parking lot. He was leaving and we were arriving and I struck up a convo with him real quick." - Redditor MaynardJayTwa. He ended up paying for their parking for the whole weekend!

Jack Black

This Redditor shared that the School of Rock actor spilled popcorn in the theatre he worked at.

Instead of letting him clean it, Jack told him to have a seat, took his broom and dustpan, and cleaned it up himself. "Awesome guy."

Alison Brie

"Ran into her and a few friends at a really tiny winery in Sonoma. Super cool, took some pictures with us and had us take some goofy pictures with her and her friends. She was awesome and kept saying how nice we were for telling her we loved her!" - Redditor Tophloaf

Paul Rudd

It's basically impossible not to love Paul Rudd.

When this Redditor saw the actor waiting outside the bathroom at a concert, they did finger guns at him and said, "Hanging out in front of the women's bathroom? That's a good way to pick up women." He actually laughed at the person's joke instead of making them feel awkward.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

"He was walking out of the restroom at my work place. I commented, 'I smelled what The Rock was cooking' as we passed each other in the hallway. He turned back and gave me the People's Eyebrow. Actually got to chat with him a little while, and led him to the edit bay that he was looking for." - deleted

Emma Stone

It's no secret that celebrities are extremely busy. So it was super sweet when she took the time to chat and take a picture with this Redditor at the NBC Store at the Rockefeller Center in New York.

Dave Chappelle

After a comedy show, Dave invited this Redditor and their friends to play basketball with him. He rented an entire gym for an hour, bought them smoothies, and gave them free tickets to his show.

Paris Hilton

When this Redditor's car broke down in Germany, it was Paris of all people who helped them. She even made them a sandwich and talked to them for 30 minutes while they waited.

Gene Wilder

On Redditor got candy from Willy Wonka himself!

When they were a kid, they would run into Gene at the grocery store. Every time, he would pay for the Redditor to fill up a basket of candy!

George Clooney

There have been many stories about how the A-list actor is such a nice guy. This Redditor shared that he went out to drink with the students who go to the university he was filming at.

Lady Gaga

"I sat down with her and had someone take a picture of us. I complimented her on her show but I was overall super nervous and flustered. I quickly got up to walk away but she grabbed me, told me to sit down, and demanded we talk some more and take a few more pictures. It was glorious." - Redditor boober_noober

Kourtney Kardashian

"She was pregnant with her first kid when she came into the homeless shelter I was volunteering at. No cameras, she was there by herself to play with the kids, even stayed after to help me sweep and clean." - Redditor hungree

Jennifer Aniston

She's a friend to all — regular folks included.

When she sat next to this Redditor's brother and his girlfriend at an upscale restaurant, she called them the cutest couple and even paid for their dinner.

Kevin Bacon

With a last name like Bacon, you know that the actor delivers on food.

That's what happened when this Redditor's girlfriend said she wanted fries at an event and the actor came up, smiled, and gave away his fries to her.

Morgan Freeman

"We're both from the same state (Mississippi). I was having lunch near his home town when I noticed him. He took the time to talk to me, despite my epic fan grin, and paid for my food before he left. Best lunch I ever had." - Redditor nesshin_chan


This Reddit user met the legendary hip-hop artist in an airport.

Supposedly, they refused to help their little sister carry her bags. Ice-T saw this, flashed the Redditor a disgusted look, and then proceeded to help carry the bags to the car.

President Joe Biden

"When Joe Biden was a Senator I accidentally walked in on him while he was in the stall of an Amtrak bathroom. He sat there awkwardly for a second and then said "I'd shake your hand but I don't think either of us want that." - Reddit u/AKPhilly1

LeBron James

A star-struck young fan met LeBron inside a shoe store. The NBA icon bought him two pairs of his signature shoe: one of which he signed.

The other pair, according to LeBron, was for him to practice his post moves in.

Adam Savage

"Adam Savage of the Mythbusters. Very nice and personable, and that child like[sic] excitement he has on the show is definitely not an act," according to this since-deleted Reddit comment.

Considering I've seen every single episode of Mythbusters ever produced, this would have been huge for me.

Robert Downey Jr.

This fan had the chance to meet the iconic Robert Downey Jr. back when he was filming the '90s crime thriller U.S. Marshalls.

Apparently, Robert is just a plain old ordinary guy and incredibly down-to-earth in real life.

Penn and Teller

This Reddit user says that "At the end of every show they do (which is at least 5 per week) they literally run out of the doors ahead of everyone else so that they can personally shake everyone's hand and thank them for coming."

Russell Brand

Redditor Mellyv says that Russell gave her the best compliment of her life.

In the middle of their interview, Russell stopped the conversation mid-sentence to tell her how beautiful she was and that he thought she had gorgeous cheeks.

Robin Williams

This overzealous fan shot the legendary comedian in the face while playing a game of paintball.

They said that "He was a good sport about it and spent the rest of the day giving me a running commentary/riff track on the game as it progressed."

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is best known for directing films like Chasing Amy and Mallrats, as well as for his character Silent Bob.

This lucky fan ran into Kevin while at the airport and wound up sharing a beer and a slice of pie with the director.

Adam Devine

"Met Adam Devine of Workaholics. He was obviously hungover but still took the time to be a nice guy," Redditor Arturrono said.

I used to be obsessed with Workaholics so it warms my heart to know that Adam isn't a jerk in real life.

Chuck Norris

Redditor Napoleon98 was waiting on Chuck Norris one night when he and his wife came in for a bite to eat. The renowned actor and martial artist wound up tipping $150 on a $30 tab.

The retirement plans for Texas Rangers must be pretty good, don't you think?

Dave Grohl

Reddit user Blu3j4y said that they "Had some beers with him in Las Vegas. I asked him if her[sic] was playing in town, and he said "No. Just hangin' out." So we drank beer and talked about stuff."

Tony Hawk

The last place you'd likely ever expect to run into Tony Hawk would be on The Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland.

This fan had met the legendary pro skater at a convention earlier, and by dumb luck happened to run into him again in line.

Zach Braff

"My friend met Zach Braff after watching his show in london[sic]. My friend hugged him and said he smelt like a father figure apparently he cracked up."

This is a line that J.D. said to Dr. Cox on Scrubs.

Wil Wheaton

This fan met Wil Wheaton while they were attending his book signing in Seattle.

Once the two realized their shared love for craft brewing, they struck up a conversation about the intricacies involved in home brewing your own mead.

Mike Myers

"I met Mike Myers back during his SNL days, Waynes World time frame. He was really cool, friendly and seemed really down to Earth. Maybe because he's from Canada?"

What wholesome celebrities have you encountered in real life? Leave a comment and let us know!