Delivery Room Nurse Gives Gross 'Baby Daddy' Comments An Inspirational Facelift

When you're an emergency responder or part of a medical team at a hospital, it's essentially your job to see people through some of of the most stressful moments of their lives.

But while that makes for a intense job on its own, it isn't helped by the fact that people aren't often on their best behavior when they're going through something major. But while health care workers no doubt hear all sorts of colorful language from their patients, it seems that one nurse in a labor and delivery unit has a bigger problem with the ones her patients bring with them.

So after a long period of hearing every ignorant and tasteless comment under the sun from the prospective fathers of children she's helped deliver, it seems she decided to get a little creative.

In all likelihood,you've seen at least one of your Facebook friends post an "inspirational" image that pairs a wise quote with a serene image of a landscape.

Well, that's exactly the aesthetic that a nurse who goes by Holly chose for a project she's undertaken over the course of multiple TikToks.

But instead of a quote from Benjamin Franklin or Martin Luther King Jr., the words of "wisdom" she chose came from the impatient and inappropriate thoughts that the husbands, boyfriends, and other "baby daddies" accompanying her patients had to share.

And as we can see from one of these videos, a lot of the things they had to say showed how little they knew about labor, caesarean sections, and epidurals.

But in this first batch of "inspirational" quotes, the one that arguably stands out the most concerns the husband who wanted an "extra stitch" after the birth takes place so everything "down there" is "just the way it was before all this."

Sure, she may have just undergone the often tramatic process of childbirth, but things might be different for him the next time he gets intimate. We can't have that.

But as Holly made clear with the other two videos in this series, these comments only make up a fraction of what she hears in the delivery room.

While this one is more centered around the fathers who clearly don't want to be there, it's a toss-up as to whether the one who wanted to kick her out of her bed or the DNA test guy is worse.

Not only did that second one come up right while the baby was about to come, but it seemed he wanted one because his mom asked for one.

How nice it must be to hear the father of your child's family doubt the baby's paternity right as you're trying to give birth to them.

But just in case you thought Holly had already shared all the worst ones, she saved some real doozies for the last TikTok.

For instance, I'm not sure on what planet the words, "You took the easy way out" are supposed to be comforting.

And that's especially true when we're talking about a C-section, which nobody with the faintest clue about the procedure would call the easy way out of anything.

All of these guys sound incredibly unsupportive but I can imagine feeling a special kind of disappointment at the one who promised food only to show up 12 hours later clearly intoxicated and without a morsel of it to share.

It's hard to feel like part of a team when you've got one of these guys for a teammate.

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