10+ Very Stressful Movie Scenes That Gave Us Anxiety

When watching our favorite movies, it's easy to become invested in what is happening on screen. We root for characters and laugh with them, and we also feel their fear and pain.

Because of this, there are certain movie scenes that are just really stressful to watch.

Here are 10+ very stressful movie moments that gave us a lot of anxiety.

The Kim family hiding under the coffee table in *Parasite.*

This Oscar-winning film has no shortage of fraught and taxing scenes.

One moment that had audiences particularly worried was when the Kim family has to hide under the coffee table when the Park family comes home.

Even though you're not always entirely sure who to root for, you don't want to see them get caught.

Shelob attacking Frodo.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy has many action-packed battle scenes, but one of the most stressful moments is when Frodo encounters Shelob in The Return of the King,

This scene was especially suspenseful and terrifying for people who hate spiders.

The raptors in the kitchen scene from *Jurassic Park.*

While there have been many sequels to the original, the first Jurassic Park really created the fear and suspense the best.

There are many stressful moments, but the scene where Lex and Tim are hiding from the raptors in the kitchen is one of the worst.

Jack escaping Old Nick in *Room.*

Room is a gripping and terrifying film, and audiences just wanted Jack and Ma to escape.

The scene where Jack gets out from the rug in the back of the moving truck and escapes from Old Nick is super taxing to view.

The Occlumency scene in *Harry Potter.*

While there are a lot of climatic, action scenes where Harry confronts Voldemort and the Death Eaters, this scene from The Order of the Phoenix is difficult to watch in a different way.

Harry and Snape are both clearly uncomfortable in this situation, and it's shot in a way that makes it look like Harry is being really put through pain and stress.

When the man drops the keys in *Titanic*...

Watching Jack, Rose, and the other inhabitants try to survive is pretty stressful all the way through, but one specific moment that's difficult to watch was when a crew member drops the key to a locked door.

Jack then has to swim in the rising water to try to find them, and audiences were definitely worried while watching this.

Clarice Starling going to Buffalo Bill's house.

The suspense and creepy factor of Silence of the Lambs are part of why it's such a great film.

However, the anxiety really starts to kick in once Clarice arrives at Buffalo Bill's not realizing he is the killer. The scene where he is following her using night goggles is particularly upsetting.

The most gruesome moment from *127 Hours.*

Based on a true story, watching this film is an anxiety-filled ride all the way through.

However, the most disturbing moment was when Aaron, played by James Franco, has to cut off his own arm. The fact that a person in real life actually had to do this makes this even more disturbing.

When they almost got the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos...

One of the scenes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that really had fans on the edge of their seats was when Iron Man, Spider-Man, and the Guardians of the Galaxy were trying to get the Infinity Gauntlet.

It was stressful and even more so because they got so close before Star-Lord messed things up.

Matilda and Miss Honey trying to escape Trunchbull's house.

While some edge-of-your-seat moments happen in horror or action films, they can also happen in movies for all ages.

After breaking into the house to get back Miss Honey's doll, the two characters have to escape from the cruel Miss Trunchbull and not get caught. It's actually very intense.

Pretty much every moment from *Gravity.*

It's hard to point to just one specific scene from the film that was nail-biting. Seeing Ryan fight tooth and nail for nearly every inch as she tries to make it back to earth made for an intense movie-watching experience.

Even at the end when she's made it back to earth to the lake is super stressful.

The cop car showing up at the end of *Get Out.*

Watching what Chris goes through throughout the entire film is really stressful, and everyone wanted him to be able to escape.

However, one of the most suspenseful moments is when the cop car shows up.

Luckily, it turns out to be his cousin there to rescue him, but many people feared at first that it was the cops there to arrest Chris.

The bear scene in *The Revenant.*

There are a lot of nearly unbearable, upsetting moments from this film, but the most memorable is the scene where Leonardo DiCaprio's character is mauled by a bear.

It's gory and drawn-out, and the way the scene is shot made audiences feel like they were right there with him.

The scene when the Hunger Games actually begin.

The premise of The Hunger Games is a truly horrifying one, and it's' a tough thing to watch teenagers killing one another.

The moment when Katniss' first games start and all of the Tributes run to the cornucopia is particularly grueling and chaotic.

The last scene of *Rogue One.*

The final scene of the film has high stakes as the main characters sacrifice themselves to get the plans to the Death Star.

So to then see Darth Vader massacre people on board Leia's ship to try to get the plans is especially stressful.

Even though we know Leia escapes with the plans, it's still a lot to take in.