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Pastry Chef Carves Avocado Sculptures That Are In No Way The Pits

Avocados are protein-filled power foods, just as delicious on toast as they are in guacamole. But, using the yummy fruits for something other than eating, Daniele Barresi proves that maybe we should be playing with our food.

Two-time winner of the WACS championship (World Association Of Chefs Societies), Barresi is an acclaimed food artist with over 80K followers on Instagram.

Daniele Barresi carves delicate sculptures out of avocados.

Forming sculptures out of the tiny, soft fruits, Barresi carves delicate patterns with a practiced hand. Pastry chef turned artist, he has created a whole series of avocado art, sometimes spending hours on a single design.

Carving food combines both of Barresi's passions.

A chef by trade, Barresi tells My Modern Met that “I have always loved anything related to arts, and kitchen, so carving gave me the possibility to match both of them.” Inspired by nature and animals, Barresi see artistic potential in every piece of fruit.

He also sculpts in other fruit and non-fruit mediums.

Using the avocado pit as part of his design, Barresi uses an extremely gentle hand to keep the fruit intact. Also working in resin, soap, and other fruits, the Italian artist states that his favorite canvases to work on are watermelons, "because they remind me of my birth country".

What do you think of his work?

With a sentiment we can all get behind, Barresi says, "if you love what you are doing, it doesn’t matter how long it is going to take, because you will enjoy the whole time you are doing it.”

If you want to see more of his detailed creations, visit his Instagram page, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

h/t | My Modern Met