In Another Weird Food Move, We Now Have Carrot Hotdogs

Hot dogs are a favorite snack of summertime. But as delicious as they undeniably are, they aren't necessarily the healthiest thing that you can put in your body. At least, they weren't — until now.

In the latest food craze to sweep Twitter, one user is showing how you can enjoy a true veggie dog. And all that you're going to need is a bag of carrots.

Before you do anything, make sure to wash and peel your carrots.

You can also go ahead and chop off the root ends, as well as the tips.

Dry off the carrot sticks and then set them aside in an easy-to-reach spot.

Add a tablespoon of olive oil to a frying pan and set it to medium.

From here, you can also add whatever spices you prefer. A pinch of salt and a few generous cracks of pepper will go a long way.

If you also happen to have some garlic powder in your cupboard — you can add just a dash.

Once the carrots have softened and are cooked through, remove them from the frying pan.

Slide the carrot sticks into the buns and garnish the same way you would a beef or pork hotdog. Ketchup and mustard isn't just a recommendation — it's a must-have.

From there, all that's left to do is dig in and enjoy!

This incredibly simple and delicious recipe is a great alternative to eating meat, as well as a health-conscious snack to help make the dog days of summer even more enjoyable.

Have you ever had a carrot hotdog? Leave a comment and let us know!