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Barbequers Are Being 'Grilled' On Their Miracle Onion Scrubbing Hack

So there's been a theory going around for a few years that scrubbing your grill with an onion is the best way to clean it.

Stating that the onion actually has antibacterial properties, the trending hack has barbequers slicing onions in half to use as a scrubbing tool.

Supposedly meant to decontaminate the grill (along with removing burnt-on food), onions have been deemed the super-food of barbeques.

A viral hack states that onions are the best grill scrubbers.

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Circling its way through the internet, a widely believed hack states that we should all be using onions to clean our barbeques. Marketed as an all-natural alternative, the supposed properties of an onion are said to both clean and decontaminate our grills.

Unfortunately, there's no scientific evidence to back it up.

After a grill is scrubbed with an onion, the hack also suggests using a few drops of lemon juice or vinegar to remove stubborn food bits. Now, though none of these techniques harm the grill, it turns out there is no scientific evidence backing the onion theory.

Onions don't kill grill bacteria.

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With a PH of only 5.0 - 6.0, onions actually have a fairly neutral acidity level (with a PH of 7 being neutral). This means that even if it were relevant, onions wouldn't be an effective antibacterial cleaner.

Grill bacteria is killed any time your BBQ passes 149°F.

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But, seeing as bacteria is killed at only 149 degrees Fahrenheit, your barbeque has already got you covered. Turns out, fire is the ultimate decontaminate.

Another claim states that scrubbing your grill with an onion helps flavor your food. And though you're welcome to try, most of that flavor is going to be burned away well before your food even touches it.

The hack also creates an unnecessary amount food waste.

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Finally, the last problem with the technique is that though it's said to be an all-natural solution to barbeque cleaning, it certainly doesn't help cut down on waste. Though it may organically decompose in a compost bin after use, you still have to throw out a perfectly good onion every time you use the barbeque.

Though you can still try it, it won't provide the benefits it's rumored to.

'Grilling' barbequers over their supposed onion miracle, this Reddit thread is just one of many calling out the viral vegetable hack.

None of this is to say that an onion won't work to remove food build-up; it very well may. Just don't trust it to decontaminate or season your food.

What do you think?

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But what are your thoughts, have you tried the controversial food hack? Many of the pro-onion articles also suggest following the onion up with lemon or vinegar. By all means, please keep trying this! This article is only attacking ground vegetables; fruit is on next week's hit list. (Just kidding!) Just be safe barbequing, do your research, and enjoy that summer heat!