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People Are Sharing Their Funniest Stories Of New Dads In The Delivery Room

Anyone who's had kids knows that when it's go time in the delivery room, things have a way of getting hectic. Obviously the focus is on the mom, but you can usually trust dads to have some pretty dramatic reactions, too, sometimes with hilarious results — at least in retrospect.

A funny tweet from @NessTea_ about a delivery room experience turned into a full-on round table discussion of how new dads act in the delivery room, and we're here for it.

Childbirth is hectic to say the least.

No matter how much help you might get from doctors, nurses and midwives, nothing can prepare you for actually being there on delivery day.

Here's the original tweet.

@NessTea_, who's a midwife, described how the boyfriend of one of her patients passed out. When he came to, his girlfriend had the perfect retort.

It's nothing to be embarrassed about.

Or, alternatively, maybe it is something to get at least a little bit sheepish about.

It happens to everyone.

Moms can pass out during childbirth as well, but it's pretty understandable considering, y'know, the whole childbirth thing.

This is the right attitude.

Things have a way of getting very real very fast in the delivery room, but husbands would be well advised to try not to get grossed out.

I think I've got something in my eye.

This is how it often goes in the delivery room: no pass-out, nothing particularly funny, but lots of tears.

Can't trust this guy with anything.

If you're the partner of someone who's giving birth, your one job is to make yourself useful. This guy doesn't sound very useful.

Lots of dads pass out.

I wonder if this is a sympathetic thing for their wives who are on all sorts of pain drugs, or if it's just a way to avoid all the drama.


I'm not entirely sure what a vasovagal reaction is, but surely it's as serious as childbirth itself, right?

Not all experiences are equal.

No judgment on anyone who is or isn't in the room when it happens. I particularly like the description of the baby as "some document you get from the office."

Fair question.

Look, when you want a taco, you want a taco, even if you've just birthed a baby into the world.

Sure, I guess.

Here's a guest appearance from Ryan Reynolds himself, where he jokingly compares eating gummy bears to birthing a baby.

It's called stress eating.

It seems like if dads aren't passing out, they're stress eating while their wives give birth.

Some folks just can't handle needles.

I mean, dad wasn't even the one getting the needle here, but I guess if you don't like needles, you don't like needles.

Always passing out.

It seems like, in many cases, the one giving birth is calmer than her partner who just has to sit there.

You missed the whole thing.

If the thought of being there during childbirth stresses you out, this almost seems like the ideal situation.

I guess all that matters is the end result.

I mean, even if dad disgraces himself completely in the delivery room, all that really matters is that everyone returns home intact when it's all said and done.

Just had to make it about him.

I guess a lot of men get to experience the sensation of fainting when their partner gives birth.

Instructions unclear.

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Midwives will typically give the dad a few simple tasks that are hard to screw up. That's assuming, of course, that the dad isn't a screw-up to begin with.

Get those carbs.

I wonder if nurses are trained to be aware of medical emergencies in the delivery room...not for the mom, but for the dad.

What an embarrassment.

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It's a little mean to berate the dad during such a stressful situation, but let's remember that it's an even more stressful situation for the mom.

Now there's an idea.

Perhaps Salt-N-Pepa intended for their hit song to be the anthem of moms going into labor all along.

It isn't about you, dad.

I get that these dramatic dads aren't trying to steal the show, but seriously, there's something bigger going on in that delivery room.

I'm sensing a trend here.

It seems like most of the women in this list have adequately prepared themselves, while the men are just a mess.

Dads pass out all the time in the delivery room, I guess.

One of the replies showcased a few truly hilarious photos of dads who just couldn't handle all the drama.

How the turn tables.

It's kind of funny when you go to the hospital for someone else and wind up needing admission yourself.

Moms (mostly) seem to handle things.

Maybe it's the preparation and maybe it's just the drugs, but it feels like women are way better at handling this whole childbirth thing.

Get low.

This tweet focuses on the fact that the proud papa gets to hold his baby for the first time immediately after passing out.

Sometimes you just need refreshment.

I mean, sure, your wife is giving birth, but sometimes you just need a delicious, ice cold, can of Sprite.

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