20 Hilarious Moments That Seem Impossible

There are some things in this world that leave you thinking that you've crossed over, passed through into another weird dimension, a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance... wait, no, that's the Twilight Zone, sorry.

Anyway, Twilight Zone aside, here are 20 hilarious moments that made us go, "How is that possible?"


Well, one thing is for sure, the owner of this car won't be forgetting where they parked any time soon!

Health And Safety? Never Heard of Her!

"How you getting on down there Dave?"

"Not bad, a bit thirsty."

"I'll just step inside and grab you a drink."

*Screaming and tumbling ladder sounds...

The Queen Would Like A Word...

No one should ever be this patriotic, if this can even be described as patriotism that is!

Where Do You Even Begin With This?

I kind of love it, but by God I wouldn't fancy driving around in it. I reckon that this would be one hell of an unwieldy beast.

"Dear Neighbors, please don't put your clothes out like this again, or else I'll have a heart attack."

I can safely say that I would have been heading back into my flat and calling the police while pulling my hair out if I saw this.

How Long Did That Take?

Okay, this one is just bizarrely incredible. I don't know why anyone would choose this medium to draw something this amazing, but there you have it!

What's Going On With Dad?

It took a worrying amount of time for my head to piece together what was going on in this picture.

"How did no one notice this?"

They surely had to know what they were doing with this logo! If not, then I worry for the graphic designer!

"Balloon crucifix!"

Well, they certainly made him shredded enough! There's no one as shredded as our Lord and savior that's for sure!


This guy actually looks miffed that people are staring at him, as though he doesn't know that what he is doing is really weird!

"An announcement at our local grocery, guess we aren't going in unless we're 15 and below or 66 and above."

I don't know what business markets itself at people who are under 16 or over 65, but it's a weird demographic!

"A real mussel car..."

I wonder if they only fuel up at Shell garages?

*Agonising groans and various death threats from the studio audience...

"My son found a 'Buttato.'"

I always thought that, as an adult, I would have grown out of laughing at such childish things, and yet here we are!

"Looks like Sideshow Bob is back on the loose..."

I dread to think what he has in the back of that van. Although, maybe it's just a load of rakes to walk into?

"Found an escapee at the West Sac McDonald's..."

But what came first, the chicken or the chicken prison which turns its prisoners' flesh into delicious nuggets? That's the right expression, right?

"I'm no mechanic, but years of super mario bros have me convinced this means my car has 'invincible mode.'"

Now all I can hear is the rainbow road music sped up. No need to avoid other drivers now, just crash right through them and send them careering off the track!

"The perfect ambulance number plate doesn't exi..."

I don't really think that an ambulance needs to be asking that question as the answer is probably pretty obvious, but it's nice that they're being thorough!

Must Be One Hell Of A Heavy Seagull!

"Hey... Hey, Brian..."

"If you make one more joke about me gaining weight I'll fly off home, Dave!"

"If you can fly! Kaw!"

Art Imitates Life...

I didn't even notice the black dog in this picture at first. I love that they clearly have their favorite sides.

"A friend of mine is a school bus driver and nearly had a heart attack when a bread truck pulled up behind her."

I think that a giant, freighter-sized child devouring a cacophonous sandwich right behind your wagon would give anyone a fright!