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Woman's 'Traveling As A Fat Person' Series Exposes Issues In Hotel Industry

Meet Mary Fran Donnelly, a fat person and body positivity advocate who'd like to travel more comfortably. She illustrates this perfectly in her TikTok series, 'Traveling as a Fat Person'.

Because Mary Fran is a wholesomely positive person, she doesn't express bitterness or anger at some of her travel predicaments. She expresses them in a hilarious, and eye-opening, way.

She first came up with the idea on a family vacation.

Her first video was an impromptu affair, consisting of her moving around a hotel room while her sister filmed. Mary Fran pointed out all the little issues that can make traveling as a fat preson difficult.

Here's the video.

Mary Fran starts out by demonstrating that many hotel washrooms are so cramped that they can make it difficult to do any kind of bathroom stuff.

Towels are a problem, too.

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Hotels tend to give you a million different towels, but only about two proper bath towels...and even those towels are pretty small. Mary Fran tries to fit into a towel, concluding, "It won't fit."

Are the chairs strong enough?

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"After a swim [with a woefully undersized towel], maybe you want to go sit on the balcony," said Mary Fran. "Oh, look, a lovely table with a chair. Will it house me? I'm not too sure!"

It's a humorous look at a real problem.

Mary Fran laughs through the video, but it brings a real issue to light. The world isn't built for fat people, and as a result it can often feel unwelcoming and cruel.

Fat travelers get it.

In a world that just doesn't seem to be built for larger-framed people, Mary Fran's videos are a breath of fresh air.

It's a unique lens to look through.

Make sure to check out Mary Fran Donnelly on TikTok and Instagram. Let us know about your frustrating travel experiences in the comments section!

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