15+ Bizarre Things That People Happened To Come Across In Their Travels

We often go on vacation with the intention of bringing something, anything, back as a souvenir. An object, a photo, a memory, anything we can use to remind ourselves of the lovely time we had.

Sometimes, though, the things we end up coming across in our travels are far more bizarre than the standard souvenir, like the items in this list!

'Picasso pebble."

What an artist spends a lifetime honing and perfecting, mother nature can just do on accident.

"Check out these wooden shoe from the tulip festival."

That's less of a shoe and more of a canoe at that point, right? You could chuck that thing in a river and go for a ride.

"My beer 4-pack came with paperboard rings, instead of plastic."

More biodegradable options are always a good thing, but habit dictates I'll still be cutting these rings so nothing gets caught.

"My vitamins exploded?"

And now you have a bottle of tiny bread rolls. What they lost in nutritional value, they gained in carbs.

"This bench I found in the UK with a giant marble inside."

"I have a great idea for a new park feature. What if we put in a bench but made half of it completely useless?"

"That's the best idea I've heard all year. Here's a raise, and a promotion, you're a genius."

"Press B to enter apartment sewers."

This manhole cover has its own sense of style, how nice to see it expressing itself!

"Today I found out how the previous tenants fixed the kitchen cabinet. With tooth picks."

What was the even bigger shock here were people in the comments saying this is a common practice for some things. If it works, it works!

"A cheesy lamp."

The absolutely barren background just makes this photo feel...eerie. There should be nothing spooky about a cheese grater.

"My uncle has a 'wall knife' in case of an intruder."

Sure the holder is a little janky, but it's down at hand level for easy access and any means of protection is better than none!

"I have no idea what this means."

This feels like a riddle that, when solved, will open up a secret portal in the middle of the shirt through which you start a grand adventure.

"[Who] told the employees [to] make the holes small."

In their defense, they couldn't make the holes big either. It was going to be bad no matter which direction they went.

"This guy eating with his Parrot at Sonic."

Oh, so people can bring their dogs to restaurants no problem but as soon as someone brings their bird it's 'weird.' Let the man and his parrot enjoy their fries.

"Building a shingle family home."

I don't know why but looking at this makes me feel itchy. It gives me the same vibes as a scratchy wool sweater.

"Microwave instructions...DO NOT HEAT!"

If you're ever in need of a quick and easy meal, just eat a frozen microwave brick. Refreshing and delicious!

"I found a tardis in my neighbourhood."

I've never actually seen Doctor Who (forgive me), so I don't know if this means something's going down in your area. Should you be worried?

"Ordered pizza last night and the box is advertising a fight from 11 years ago."

Let's hope it's just the box that's that old and not the pizza.

"This creepy as heck children's toy at my local zoo."

What's more shocking, this existing at all, or the fact that it looks pretty well used?

".22lr Gatling gun. Guy had this in the back of his mini pickup at my work. Fully functional."

Definitely cool and a very neat encounter, but I need to know what situation this guy thinks he'll end up in where a Gatling gun is a necessary carry in his truck.

"[It's] not that they put a pole in front of it, why did they put a bench behind it."

So the pole can sit down when it gets tired, obviously. Everyone deserves a break!

'My tiny copy of Frankenstein. It’s fully printed too!"

Perfect for curling up to read on a chilly autumn evening, moon in the sky and magnifying glass in hand.

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