Wholesome Celebrity Encounters That Restore Our Faith In Hollywood

Celebs get a bad rep.

They're often viewed as rude, self-absorbed, and too big for their britches. While that may be the case for some (I'm sure some faces come to mind), it's not all of Hollywood.

There are many celebs who give back to their fans. Whether it's time, photo-ops, or other kind gestures, these wholesome celeb encounters will definitely restore your faith in Hollywood.

Paul Rudd

We can't think of anyone cooler to get a birthday wish from than Paul Rudd. Especially for your 40th!

He even gave the Marvel actor a cupcake that he likes to think Rudd ate.

Hugh Jackman

"I spoke to Hugh Jackman on the street after a Broadway show he was in with Daniel Craig. I told him I thought he was an amazing actor and all around awesome person and that id seen almost everything he'd been in and he told me your even more awesome because your my fan and don't ever forget that." - u/citytiger

Taylor Swift

Everyone knows that Tay loves her fans.

When one fan got to meet the singer at her "Reputation" celebration release party, she ran straight over to hug her.

When the fan opened up about how Taylor's music helped her anxiety, she called her an angel and listened to her talk about it.

Carrie Fisher

"I was wearing a red Darth Vader shirt that said 'choking hazard,' and she laughed when she saw it and said, 'I love your shirt!' I was trying not to gush and asked her if I could pet her dog, Gary. We chatted for a few, mostly about Gary. She was super warm and funny; it felt almost like talking to a sister rather than a film star." —u/Lowca

Jason Momoa

Fame hasn't changed the Aquaman star one bit.

He's still super chill and always open to connecting with his fans, like the time he gave a fan a fist bump for recommending the actor go to an ax-throwing bar.

Rosario Dawson

"My best friend and I met Rosario Dawson at a Women’s March – we were so overwhelmed by meeting such an incredible woman we ended up crying. When we told her why we admired her so much, she started crying too. It was one of the best encounters of my life." – athenaj42a99a7eb

Emma Watson

You may have forgotten that the Harry Potter actress went to Brown for university.

She was like any other college student with a favorite pizza place. It was there that she would chat it up with locals multiple times a week like the sweet angel she is.

Whitney Houston

"Whitney Houston was a producer on The Princess Diaries movies. My mom worked on set for the second one. Once, my mom happened to mention that it was my birthday, and Whitney took some of the balloons that can be seen onscreen during Mia’s bachelorette party and told her to give them to me as a present. Best birthday ever!" —dianaquinn

Ian McKellen

This person witnessed the actor do the sweetest thing for two boys.

After they said that they loved Lord of the Rings and had the book set, he told them to go home and get their books for him to personally sign.

Bill Murray

"I spoke with Bill Murray and his four or five boys (can’t remember). I took their order when I worked at In-N-Out Burger. He was still the coolest dude in person. When they left after eating, he turned towards me and gave me a sort of salute-wave." —u/centraloragain

Elijah Wood

This girl lucked out when she met the Lord of the Rings actor at a film festival.

He happily agreed to get down on his knees and take the most adorable picture with her and a donkey named Cracker. Best. Christmas. Card ever.

B.B. King

"He was playing a gig at my college and I was on my way to teach racquetball. He got out of a very nondescript Lincoln, and then grabbed Lucille from the back seat. I waved, “Have a good show tonight Mr King!” He replied “Thank you son, I surely will!” Middle of the afternoon, between classes, just he and I." - u/browncoat47

Colin Firth

When the actor visited a school, the Buzzfeed community member and their friend were about three metres away, making heart gestures with their hands. Surprisingly, he laughed and did it back.

"The whole thing was very pure," they wrote.

Amy Lee

"I was working first aid at a gig and she came out after the show and started chatting to us while we were waiting for the venue to empty out and get the all clear to pack up our post. She was genuinely shocked to learn I was only 15 or 16 and gave me a hug 'for all my work helping their fans.'" - u/Voxael

Joey Fatone

The NSYNC alum is always in sync with his fans.

When one fan's phone died just as they were about to take a picture with him, he offered to let them use his charger. He also stayed and chatted with them until it was charged again.

Princess Diana

"In ’93, my heavily pregnant mother was waiting to see Princess Diana, who was opening up a charity in our city centre. My mum had been waiting ages just to get a glimpse of her, whist balancing a toddler on her bump. As soon as Princess Diana saw my mum, she demanded someone to get my mum a chair and chatted to her while someone brought it." – lazyleo

Kelly Clarkson

The singer and host has always been the epitome of down-to-earth. When one fan tried to shake her hand, she refused.

Only because she then yelled, "YOU BETTER HUG ME, BOY!" She even remembered him years later when they met again.

Daniel Radcliffe

"My family and I met Daniel Radcliffe in a London hotel when we went out for a celebratory dinner. He was alone in the lobby, so we asked if we could join him, not expecting much. We ended up sitting with him for a good 20 minutes chatting and drinking with him. He raised his glass to my sister, who toasted Dumbledore. It was pretty much the best night of our lives." – zoeredhart

Margot Robbie

Fame hasn't changed this A-lister at all.

When Margot attended a theatre show, she went up to this Buzzfeed community member afterward and gushed about how great they were. "We talked for about 15 minutes and she was so chill, down to earth, and so, so sweet."

Adam West

This user's wife took their son to Comic-Con and had a pleasant conversation with an older gentleman. Two days later, she heard his voice coming from the TV and was shocked to learn that she'd been chatting with Adam West aka Batman.

Kevin Bacon

"Kevin Bacon. Didn’t recognize it was him," explained Redditor Thick_Reputation5854 Politely asked if his flight companion was Kyra Sedgwick whom I recognized (SMH). His expression was of mild surprise which then made me realize I was missing something."


Steve-O first made a name for himself as a regular cast member of Jackass. After he performed at a comedy club, Steve-O stuck around afterward to shake hands and say hello to everyone who stayed behind to say hi.

Lady Gaga

"Served her a drink at a Halloween party in a nightclub once when I was bartending. Great smile, very friendly, and a lot shorter in person than I would have thought. 10/10 would serve her a drink again." Reddit u/mox44ah

Conan O'Brien

This lucky fan met Conan O'Brien while they were working the concessions at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Conan was kind enough to laugh at their jokes and even left behind a $10 tip.

It almost let's you forgive him for being a Dodger's fan...

Simon Pegg

Reddit user -eDgAR- was helping a man buy some stationery products when they were compelled to ask "Has anyone told you that you look like the guy from Shaun of the Dead?"

"I am the guy from Shaun of the Dead," came his reply.

George Clooney

Redditor Allenrw3 was so excited to meet George Clooney until they brought up George's performance in Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin. Supposedly, George didn't take too kindly to the compliment and become angry.

By George's own admission, he was the worst Batman to ever don the cowl.

David Hasselhoff

This fan met David Hasselhoff outside of a Whole Foods store. "He is extremely tall put his huge arms around me and gave me a hug and said that he loves the gays. I was wearing a gay pride shirt," they explained via Reddit.

Shaquille O'Neal

Imagine meeting Shaq at Universal Studios not once — but twice in the span of 15 years. Now, either that's just a huge coincidence or Shaq must live at Universal.

Given what we know about Big Diesel, I'm inclined to go with the latter.

Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin was better known to the world as The Crocodile Hunter. This Reddit user used to be an employee at Steve's zoo back when he was still alive. "He was super nice, more mellow than what you see on tv but just as passionate about his work," they said.

John Cleese

This fortunate fan met the iconic comedian while he was buying an exotic pet. John was in great spirits and even allowed lizhurleysbeefjerky and his girlfriend to play with the cat he was purchasing while they were in the store.

Tom Hanks

AutumnFanGirl was waiting tables in her parent's restaurant and had the pleasure of serving Tom Hanks on two separate occasions. Apparently, Tom was in town visiting his mother.

He took pictures with the staff and was an incredibly down-to-earth person.

Leonardo DiCaprio

"I delivered linen to Leonardo DiCaprio's hotel room in Queensland, Australia when I was younger. He answered the door with a towel around his waist just out of the shower, he said thankyou[sic] so much, and smiled warmly. Seemed like a nice guy." - Reddit u/Devlin_McGregor

Will Smith

Will Smith happened to be visiting D.C. at the same time that a high school class was taking a field trip. Will saw the students, approached the teachers, and asked if he could pose for a picture with the kids.

LeVar Burton

"Met Levar Burton when I was a little kid, and he was hosting reading rainbow, he told me to keep reading. I promised him I would, ultimately I got older and began to hate reading. I’ve let Levar Burton down. It’s my personal shame." - Reddit u/awesomeone6044

Mark Hamill

Redditor Carrollmusician spotted Mark Hamill incognito during a comic convention. Not wanting to call attention to themselves, they subtly asked Mark his favorite Joker episode of Batman The Animated Series.

To which Hamill replied, "I love 'em all, Batfan."