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Former Celeb Assistants Are Sharing Secrets From Their Jobs

If you could work for your favorite celebs, would you?

While a lot of people would jump at the chance (who wouldn't want to rub elbows with the rich and famous?), it's not as glamorous as you'd think.

Here, former (and current!) celeb assistants are sharing all the tea on the world's most famous celebs.

You won't believe which celeb is secretly unfunny.

The angry celeb.

One former assistant accidentally insulted the actor/former pro wrestler she was working for.

Instead of handling the situation calmly, he told her that if he continues to look at her in the face any longer, he was going to get mad. Yikes.

The unmannered celeb.

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"One of the very few times my boss fed me [expletive] made me pack my own lunch. She would eat her dinner in front of me and I had no break for dinner sometimes I work really long days but I was only given one meal break." - Redditor averysadgirl

The unfunny celeb.

Turns out that the Marvel actor, Chris Hemsworth, might want to stick to acting. According to this Redditor who taught his oldest child how to ride a pony, he cracked several jokes that no one understood.

"It was very awkward for about 5 minutes as he explained the joke."

The no eye contact celeb.

"I once worked for a fairly well-known band, and the lead singer refused to speak to anyone working for them directly or even look them in the eye. I would speak to him and he'd lean over and whisper to his bandmates, who would then relay the message. We all thought it was absolutely wild and so rude. I’ve worked for tons of bands and celebrities, and this one has always been the worst!" - Anonymous

The manchild celeb.

When you're so used to having everything done for you, it's easy to know pretty much nothing.

That was the case for one actor. Their former assistant wrote that they didn't know how to even check into a hotel room.

The smoking celeb.


"I'm going back some years, but I worked with an A-list celebrity who I would've guessed was not a cigarette smoker. It seemed, though, that he was a fairly heavy smoker, and he would spend a great deal of time smoking outside of his trailer in his underwear so that his clothing/wardrobe didn't smell like cigarettes." - Anonymous

The sweet celeb.

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One assistant was given the celeb treatment when she needed time off to care for her sick mother

The well-known female comedian she worked for gave her paid time off, would check in regularly, and even sent a spa day gift basket.

The lazy celeb.

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The thrill of signing autographs for fans must wear off after a while.

This might be why one actor had their assistant sign all of her autographs for fans waiting out in the rain.

The clueless celeb.

"I worked for a reality tv celeb, she was completely out of touch on how much basic things would cost. If I had to go shopping at store for her, she would give me $500 for maybe $30 worth of groceries. She'd tell me to keep the change but being honest I'd always tell her the real cost of what she wanted me to buy." - Redditor daveyhh

The jealous celeb.

"I once worked for the model wife of an A-list child sensation turned pop star. She was super jealous and possessive of her husband, and she didn’t want me interacting with him. So, if he wanted something, I’d go get it, hand it to her, and then she’d hand it to him." - Anonymous

The surprisingly nice celeb.

You might think differently about Priyanka Chopra after this.

Her former assistant debunked a lot of the rumors about her being rude by saying that she's super sweet, gave them a lot of free stuff and bought them makeup supplies.

The insane celeb.

"I worked as a production assistant for a late-night talk show host. He always had to have his coffee very hot. Two weeks into working, I made his coffee for him at 185 degrees Fahrenheit when I checked the temperature. He took one sip, and then threw it at me while screaming that it wasn’t hot enough." - Redditor Anonymous

The celeb stalker.

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"I worked as an assistant to a large emo pop/punk band’s manager in the late 2000s. I had to go through all the fan mail and pull out anything super creepy to send to the private investigator they kept on retainer to make sure no one was actually going to attack the female lead singer." - Anonymous

The thoughtful celeb.

Not all celebs are bad! One former assistant shared that Colin Farrell sent her a bouquet of flowers and a massage gift card for booking him tickets to multiple Broadway shows. "A true gem!"

The two-faced celeb.

"An ex-colleague that worked with a popular late-night TV host said that he was awful and the opposite of his happy, joyful self we see on TV. The person collecting his lunch one day got the wrong spice level for his Nando's chicken, and he threw his shoe at them, saying, 'Do you know who I am?! I'm the nation's sweetheart!' I haven't been able to watch his show since." - Anonymous

The not-so-positive body positive celeb.

"I worked for a well-known, 'body positive' actor for exactly two weeks a couple of years ago, and it was the worst job I've ever had. She's just not a nice person, and would consistently belittle me and even slut-shame me — I can't help it if I have a larger chest — when I was 19 years old. I quit after two weeks because I just couldn't take it anymore." - Anonymous

The stoned celeb.

A lot of celebs are outspoken about their love of marijuana. So we wonder which one had their assistant drive and pick up $3,000 of weed each week.

"I always wondered what would happen if I actually got pulled over, whether or not they'd bail me out," they wrote.

The despised celeb.

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"My wedding DJ worked for a radio station who would host a beloved country artist once a year. He met a ton of celebs, but said this man was the WORST person he'd ever met, was incredibly disrespectful, and wouldn’t let you look him in the eye. They dreaded interacting with him." - lnicolek012

The spoiled celeb.

"During the Grammys, my boss once lost it on me because his car that picked him up at the airport (which was the highest level car in the fleet) wasn't shiny enough, and made him look like he was lower level than all the other executives that were arriving for the weekend." - Anonymous