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Mail Carrier Tracks Down Family After Finding Child's Letter To Dad In Heaven

A U.K. mail carrier went above and beyond this past Father's Day after finding a unique letter in a postal box.

The letter didn't include a valid address, but the address it did provide piqued the carrier's curiosity — and tugged at his heartstrings as well.

He explained the situation in a Facebook post.

Here's the Facebook post.

Facebook | Spotted Braunstone

In a group dedicated to lost and found items in a Leicester neighborhood, The anonymous letter carrier made this post.

In it, he explains the situation, which is really quite heartbreaking.

The letter was addressed to Dad in Heaven, Cloud 9.

Facebook | Spotted Braunstone

The touching letter obviously couldn't be delivered to an actual address, but the Facebook post did allow the carrier to connect with the family. He returned the letter to an eight-year-old girl who lost her dad at a young age.

It was a kind gesture from the letter carrier.

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"I never thought this would happen," the girl's mom told the BBC. "I'm in shock."

She said her eight-year-old is just now becoming aware of the loss.

"I think this year it might have hit her the hardest because she was more emotional," said her mom.

The letter's in a safe place.

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The girl's mom says she won't read the private letter, but said she'd keep it, along with printouts of media coverage of this event, in a box. She'll then give the box to her daughter when she's older.

It's a touching story.

Facebook | Spotted Braunstone

An update from the girl's mom reads, "[It's] been a very touching time for us...the wonderful people...it's been overwhelming."

Check out the original Facebook post below, and then let us know what you think in the comments.