Read My Lips: Plant Your Houseplants In A Giant Ceramic Mouth

Design becomes its most creative when we let loose and have a little fun. So why not get a little silly with your home decor? Why buy a planter that everyone has when you could instead buy a planter that makes someone laugh?

OHmybeautyHome takes that sentiment to heart with their newest ceramic planter design.

Brushed teeth, red lipstick, and a mouth full of plants.

Made out of dishwasher-safe ceramic, OHmybeautyHome's latest planter is a great reminder that design can be funny as well. Glazed with a high-gloss shine, the planter's open mouth forms a comfortable bowl for plants to rest.

These multipurpose lips are for more than just plants.

Riding the line between sensual and weird, their multi-purpose planters can be used as ashtrays, candy bowls, planters, and more. Could you imagine reaching your hand into its toothy mouth any time you wanted a piece of chocolate?

Choose your lip color and get ready for plant-kissing.

Available on OHmybeautyHome's Etsy store, the mouth planter comes in two different styles, with a variety of "lip gloss" colors to choose from.

So, what do you think; will the planter be talking its way into your home? Or will you kick it to the curb for being too mouthy? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below (along with any more lip puns that come to mind).