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Jean-ius Planter Idea May Have Legs: Plants In Pants

Always looking for clever new planter upcycles, the garden is the perfect place to experiment with DIY garden art and decor.

Adding bits and bobs to your backyard paradise is a great way to personalize your home and give your yard a touch of "you". But what if you could quite literally give your garden a touch of you by dressing it up in your old worn jeans?

Plants are back, and they're taking a stand.

Weird, quirky, and completely unique, Assaf Frank shares photos of their confident, fashion-forward plants.

Sitting, standing, and bow-legged, the colorful array of jeans are even stuffed neatly into rubber boots; a multi-dimensional fashion show of garden plants.

Hate to see them go, but love to watch them leave.

Showing off what their mommas gave them, this gardener has even built a wooden stand for their planters to rest. Stuffed full of packed soil, the shapes achieved are startlingly realistic.

The quirky display really seems to beg the question: which asset is their most attractive? Their leafy foliage, or their full-bodied caboose?

Color, pop, and a healthy splash of weird.

Adding a bit of spice and humor to your home decor, can you imagine this fashionable planter sitting by your door? Corresponding with matching shoe color, the vibrant plant comes spilling out of the open top; loud, proud, and unabashed.

A great conversation starter, to say the least!

In what almost looks like a private group huddle, two grass plants meet up conspiratorily in the corner, dressed in white jeans and casual poses. It really makes you think, what could grass have to talk about, and why are they hiding it from the rest of the garden?

What do you think, does the idea have legs?

Burger-Boi-88 | Reddit

Leaning and tired against a shop's side wall, three more pant-wearing plant planters rest in partial shade. Riding the line between ominous and humorous, you've got to admire the gardener's creativity.

What do you think of these quirky pant planters? Would you plant them in your garden? Or would their bodiless legs send you running? Let us know in the comments below!