Woman Credits Ring Cameras That Detected Her Stalker For Saving Her Life

While life can throw us into all sorts of uncomfortable and even dangerous situations, we can usually at least know about the threat as it's happening.

But while it's certainly scary to almost step on a rattlesnake or face a mugger, there's something about a threat that passed subtly under our noses before we ever knew about it that can haunt us for years to come.

Unfortunately, one recent TikTok shows how easily this can happen when you're being pursued by a stalker. And if it weren't for some well-placed cameras, we can only guess how badly the situation depicted in the video would have turned out.

Be advised that the video featured in this article contains explicit language.

On June 14, TikTok user @gustejanus posted a video showing us how she learned that someone had been stalking her for an extended period of time.

As she explained in a follow-up TikTok, her mom had set up Ring cameras outside of her house's front door and outside of @gustejanus's window.

The daughter didn't see the need to do this at first because they live in a gated community, but felt differently once those cameras recorded someone standing outside of her window.

In this first update, she said, "God bless my mother's intuition because it definitely saved my life."

After police were notified, both @gustejanus and her mother continued to monitor the cameras and found that the man had been watching her sleep every Sunday.

Worse yet, she mentioned in multiple videos that whenever she got home, he would be outside her window minutes later.

As she said, "He knew my schedule and when I got home."

And since she's sure she's had that window open while he was there, she figured that he could have abducted her at any time during his weekly lurking.

Unfortunately, @gustejanus didn't find local police to be of much help because they simply told her to keep her window and blinds closed at all times.

In a separate follow-up, she mentioned that this seemed to have no effect whatsoever on the stalker's behavior.

So instead, she took matters into her own hands and set up a tripwire outside her window.

And when the man tripped it the following Sunday at 2 am, she woke up her mom, who threw open the blinds and banged on the window in a manner her daughter described as "like a crazy person."

Since the stalker calmly walked away after this, she said that in retrospect, she would have pretended to be unaware of his presence while quietly calling the police so they could ambush him.

In the week since the video was released, @gustejanus said she has since moved and now carries pepper spray and a pocket knife.

But while the stalker still remains at large, she said in a different update that this might not be the case for long since there's a possibility that he's been identified.

This is because a woman who lives in her former neighborhood saw the video and noticed that his appearance matches her stalker of three years.

The other woman has been involved in a lawsuit with this person for the past year and has apparently forwarded @gustejanus's videos to her attorney and the private investigator she hired.

So while it remains unclear how that legal matter will unfold, that footage could very well help her case against this man if they're confirmed to be the same person.

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