10+ Disney Movie Moments That Were Actually Scary

When you hear the name Walt Disney, you probably immediately conjure images of your childhood and of wholesome family features. And while that certainly is their reputation, there's also a dark side to Disney that's seldom talked about.

What if I told you that Disney scars more than it heals? Don't believe me? Well, then you need to check out these 10+ Disney movie moments that were actually scary.

The entire "Be Prepared" scene from *The Lion King*.

Scar just on his own is inherently creepy. But there's something about the green backlight, combined with the sheer macabre force of the tune that puts you in a state of unease.

It also doesn't help that watching the hyenas march conjures images of WWII Germany.

Oogey Boogie battles Jack Skellington in *The Nightmare Before Christmas*.

This entire movie exudes an incredible creep-factor throughout.

But undoubtedly the hardest moment to stomach is watching as Oogey Boogey's sack is torn off, revealing that he's nothing but bugs underneath.

Watching Snow White run through the haunted forest in *Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs*.

Do I even need to bother explaining this one? Just take a look! Those boney fingers, those razor-sharp nails; it's enough to give anyone nightmares.

I suddenly realize where so much of my early childhood trauma stems from.

The Headless Horseman bounding toward Ichabod Crane in *The Adventures Of Ichabod And Mr. Toad*.

It's a story about a soldier from the Revolutionary War who had a penchant for lopping off heads.

The moment that you hear that horrible guttural laugh for the first time is unforgettable. It'll make your hair turn white.

Behold the Horned King in *The Black Cauldron*.

Fun fact: The Black Cauldron was one of the first Disney movies to ever receive a PG rating. And that was back in 1985!

Without question, The Horned King is a large reason as to why.

Chernabog conducts his symphony in *Fantasia*.

It's a demon from hell conducting a symphony orchestra! Who in their right mind thought that this would be a good thing to subject children to?

How has Fantasia managed to embed itself into the fabric of Disney? It just doesn't make sense.

Scrooge McDuck falling into his flaming grave in *Mickey's Christmas Carol*.

I love a good retelling of "A Christmas Carol" and Mickey's Christmas Carol is one of the best. However, I could have done without being subjected to Scrooge McDuck being nearly buried alive.

Also, the fire and brimstone was a little much.

When Madam Mim turns into a dragon in *The Sword In The Stone*.

It's not that Madam Mim's dragon-form necessarily paints a daunting figure. But rather, it's her lunacy.

The sheer determination to harm Merlin is conveyed on such a poignant level that it's borderline disturbing.

The Donkey transformation in *Pinocchio*.

Have you ever seen the horror movie An American Werewolf in London? It's famous for its grotesque man-to-wolf transformation.

Pinocchio is pretty much the exact same thing, only it's animated and the little boy becomes a donkey instead of a wolf.

When the pink elephants begin to sing in *Dumbo*.

When talking about the dark side of Disney, it doesn't get much bleaker than Dumbo. I don't understand, what is this supposed to symbolize?

This entire scene is one giant LSD-infused nightmare.

Clayton's hanging in *Tarzan*.

Can someone explain to me how it's any less inappropriate to show a child audience the silhouette of a hanged man as opposed to the real thing?

I still remember watching Tarzan in theaters and let me tell you, it got very quiet very quickly.

Sucking the lives out of children in *Hocus Pocus*.

Let's just take a moment to process what is happening: we are watching as three horrible witches literally suck the lifeforce of a young girl right before our eyes.

Humor aside, Hocus Pocus has some seriously unhinged concepts at its core.

When Ursula grew into a giant sea witch in *The Little Mermaid.

I go back and forth between Ursula and Maleficent as to who is the evilest character in the Disney canon. But few, if any, are more physically frightening than Ursula.

Watching her rise out of the ocean and listening to her great booming laugh stuck with me for years.

Watching helplessly as Maleficent leads Princess Aurora to the spinning-wheel in *Sleeping Beauty*.

I will be forever haunted by the voice of Maleficent commanding "Touch the spindle, touch it I say!" Seriously, I still get goosebumps just thinking about this.

Also, are you beginning to notice a recurring trend with Disney's evil characters and the color green?

Greedy little pigs in *Spirited Away*.

A sure contender for Best Animated Film of All Time, Spirited Away is packed with moments that will send younger viewers running from the room.

For me, the most disturbing one comes right away as we watch Chichiro's parents transform into giant pigs!