Unsplash | Aaron Burden

Make A Splash At Your Kid's Summer Party With Easy Water Balloon Piñatas

It's getting hotter outside and parents are seeking new ways to keep their kids cool and entertained. Obviously, swimming is a great option, but what if you don't have access to a pool or lake? Bring the water home with easy DIY water balloon piñatas! So much fun; your kids won't even notice the lack of candy.

Swap regular piñatas for water balloons as the perfect birthday event.

Coming upon her son's fifth birthday, Milk Allergy Mom decided to throw a water wonderland party for his special day. Filling the yard with waterslides, shaving cream pools, and spritzing sprinklers, she knew a water balloon pinata would feel right at home. Lining the kiddos up, they all had a wonderful time swiping at the hanging balloons.

Not only do they keep kids cool, but they also provide great entertainment.

A playful spin on a birthday favorite, this summer-themed game splashes your kids with refreshing water instead of exploding candy. Watch your kids giggle and shriek as they splash their friends with gouts of water, then sit back and relax as they're kept entertained for another hour.

What do you think?

Almost as fun to watch as it is for your kids to play with, water balloon pinatas are the perfect event for a hot summer day.

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