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Woman Uses Magic Eraser To Remove The Stains On Her Teeth And Dentist Approves

One of the biggest downsides to oral care is how expensive it is to maintain (especially if you have a mild caffeine addiction like over half the population). Keeping your pearly whites clean and sparkling can be a pretty big strain on your wallet, and for some, it's simply out of their budget.

Finding herself in a similar boat, Heather Dunn recently went viral on TikTok for her own controversial hack.

Not able to afford the white teeth of celebrities, Dunn picked up a magic eraser.

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There have been a lot of cost-saving hacks in the past, but this one may just take the cake. One day when she was younger, TikToker Heather Dunn found herself in her bathroom feeling really self-conscious about her stained teeth. Not able to afford the teeth whitening regimens celebrities all boasted, she found herself turning to an unusual alternative.

Her unusual teeth whitening video went viral.

Picking up a magic eraser, Dunn tried wiping the sponge over her teeth... and it worked! Sharing the hack years later on TikTok, Dunn's video went viral, shocking the internet and stirring up quite the conversation.

A dentist saw the video and decided to research the hack.

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Filled with comments of skeptical viewers, the strange white teeth hack gained the attention of a concerned dentist, Dr. Justin Griffin. Deciding to research the strange whitening tool, the results showed surprising results.

He found studies proving that not only did it work, it was also deemed safe.

Finding multiple studies that looked into melamine sponges as tooth stain removers, his final consensus was that; If used carefully, a magic eraser can in fact be a safe stain remover. He emphasizes that this is only in cases like Heather Dunn's where she uses the eraser carefully and sparingly (i.e. doesn't ingest it).

Watch Heather Dunn's full teeth whitening routine in the video below.

Validated by Dr. Justin Griffin's video, Dunn created more teeth whitening videos; carefully going through her oral care routine. If you're interested in the budget-friendly hack, watch her video tutorial to see her Dr. Griffin-approved technique.

What do you think of her teeth-whitening hack, has she taken it too far? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.